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Who was Mummolus?

Mummolus, Mommolus, or Mummulus, born Eunius to one Peonius, Count of Auxerre. He was a Gallo-Roman patrician and prefect who served Guntram, King of Burgundy, as a general in the 6th century

Peonius sent his son to the Guntram with gifts in order to guarantee his reappointment as count, but Mummolus used his gifts for his own request for the comital office, which he received. Mummolus attained prominence in Gaul during the first Lombard invasion. The patrician Amatus died in battle against them and was replaced in that office by Mummolus.

It was in the wars with the Lombards that Mummolus proved himself a strategist of a kind not common in contemporary Gaul. The Lombards were then in the midst of an interregnum known as the Rule of the Dukes and three of their dukesZaban of Pavia, Amo, and Rodanusinvaded Provence and were expelled by Mummolus and chased even into Italy. His first victory was a tactical one at Embrun. This was followed up by a defeat of some Saxon raiders who had accompanied the Lombards at Estoublon. The main Saxon army, however, made peace. But when the Saxons came to the River Rhône, they were not allowed to cross, Mummolus stopping them. The Saxons paid a high price in gold and were eventually allowed to cross.

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