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Mago was commander of the Carthaginian fleet and army in Sicily in 344 BC. When Timoleon had... more »


Mago was a costume designer. more »


Mago was a Carthaginian writer, author of an agricultural manual in Punic which was a record of... more »


Mago was commander of the Carthaginian fleet under Himilco in the war against Dionysius I of... more »


Mago, son of Hamilcar Barca, also spelled Magon, Phoenician MGN, "God sent", was a member of the... more »

Mago I of Carthage

Mago I of Carthage was the king of the Ancient Carthage from 550 BCE to 530 BCE and the founding... more »

Mago II of Carthage

Mago the second was Shofet of Carthage from 396 to 375 BCE, and was a member of the Magonid... more »

Magodonga Mahlangu

Magodonga Mahlangu is a women's rights campaigner from Zimbabwe who in 2009 was awarded the... more »


Magog is the second of the seven sons of Japheth mentioned in the Table of Nations in Genesis... more »

Magogo kaDinuzulu

Princess Constance Magogo Sibilile Mantithi Ngangezinye kaDinuzulu was a Zulu Princess and... more »

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