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Emperor Ingyō

Emperor Ingyō was the 19th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of... more »

Emperor Itoku

Emperor Itoku; also known as Ooyamatohikosukitomo no Mikoto; was the fourth emperor of Japan... more »

Emperor Jianwen of Jin

Emperor Jianwen of Jin, personal name Sima Yu, courtesy name Daowan, was an emperor of the... more »

Emperor Jianwen of Liang

Emperor Jianwen of Liang, personal name Xiao Gang, courtesy name Shizuan, nickname Liutong, was... more »

Emperor Jiemin of Northern Wei

Emperor Jiemin of Northern Wei, also known as Emperor Qianfei, at times referred to by... more »

Emperor Jimmu

Emperor Jimmu was the first Emperor of Japan according to the traditional order of succession... more »

Emperor Jing of Han

Emperor Jing of Han, personal name Liu Qi, was an emperor of China in the Han Dynasty from 156... more »

Emperor Jing of Liang

Emperor Jing of Liang, personal name Xiao Fangzhi, courtesy name Huixiang, nickname Fazhen, was... more »

Emperor Jing of Northern Zhou

Emperor Jing of Northern Zhou, personally name né Yuwen Yan, later Yuwen Chan, was the last... more »

Emperor Jing of Western Liang

Emperor Jing of Western Liang, personal name Xiao Cong, courtesy name Wenwen, known during Sui... more »

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