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Minamoto no Shigeyuki

Minamoto no Shigeyuki was an early Heian waka poet and nobleman. He is designated as a member of... more »

Minamoto no Shitagō

Minamoto no Shitagō was a mid Heian waka poet, scholar and nobleman. He was the original... more »

Minamoto no Shunrai

Minamoto no Shunrai also Minamoto Toshiyori was an important and innovative Japanese poet, who... more »

Minamoto no Takakuni

Minamoto no Takakuni, also known as Uji Dainagon, was a noble and a scholar of ancient Japan. He... more »

Minamoto no Tametomo

Minamoto no Tametomo was a samurai who fought in the Hōgen Rebellion of 1156. He was the son of... more »

Minamoto no Tameyoshi

Minamoto no Tameyoshi was head of the Minamoto samurai clan during his lifetime, and grandson of... more »

Minamoto no Tomonaga

Minamoto no Tomonaga was a Minamoto clan samurai of the late Heian period. His father was... more »

Minamoto no Tōru

Minamoto no Tōru was a Japanese poet and statesman. He was born the grandson of Emperor Saga and... more »

Minamoto no Tsunemoto

Minamoto no Tsunemoto was a samurai and Imperial Prince during Japan's Heian period, the... more »

Minamoto no Yoriie

Minamoto no Yoriie was the second shogun of Japan's Kamakura shogunate, and the first son of... more »

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