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@@@Eating Disorders in Laurie Halse Anderson's Wintergirls@@@ What happens when two girls with eating disorders become best friends? A competition that proves you really can be too thin. Lia and Cassie used to be best friends, but when they both develop eating disorders in adolescence, their macabre “I’m thinner than you” competition ruins their friendship. When Cassie dies after trying unsuccessfully to reach Lia 33 times by phone, Lia is left with guilt and unanswered questions that have her mentally spiraling. With a unique and intense narrative style, Anderson takes readers directly into the mental anguish that is anorexia. @@Anorexia Nervosa@@ Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological disorder that manifests in sometimes deadly physical symptoms. An anorexic suffers from a distorted perception of her own body image - perceiving herself as too fat no matter what the reality. This false perception results in an intense fear of gaining weight and continuous, obsessive efforts to lose weight. Unfortunately, this psychological disorder is usually not recognized until it is advanced enough to create life-threatening physical changes. @@Recognizing Anorexic Behaviors@@ Catching anorexia in its earlier stages means focusing on the behaviors that lead to those physical symptoms. Anorexics develop an obsession with thinness that doesn’t happen overnight. Some warning signs that an unhealthy obsession is developing include: A growing preoccupation with calorie counting, fat content, and dieting. Secretive and ritualistic eating behaviors like pretending to eat, measuring and dividing food (or other rigid eating regimens), and refusing to eat around others. Continued and rigid dieting. Using diet pills, laxatives, and diuretics for weight loss. Denying obvious thinness (distorted body image) @@Physical Effects of Anorexia@@ Anorexic behaviors lead to dramatic weight loss. Simply put, anorexics starve themselves. The physical symptoms of anorexia are the symptoms of starvati

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