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**Fictional Character Type Lesson** Students explain how characters from their favorite novel fit the description of the dynamic, round, static, or flat characters on a colorful poster. Instead of grading another book report, instruct students how to create interesting posters based on their favorite novels. The poster focuses on the types of fictional characters. **Preparing for the Fictional Character Type Poster Lesson** Teach students the fictional character type definitions. It is best if the definitions are coupled with examples from a novel that the entire class has read in the past. The following examples in the definitions are from the novel, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton [Penguin Group, USA, Inc. Viking Juvenile, 1967]. Round Characters are characters who are multi-dimensional and are usually the protagonist. They tend to be more developed physically, mentally, and emotionally and are detailed enough to seem real. Ponyboy Curtis is a round character because he is school smart, yet he wants to fit in with the Greaser gang. He has faults like forgetting to call home when he is late, just like any teen. Flat Characters are characters who are one sided and less developed. They tend to be minor characters who are stock characters, such as the stereotypical air head, tough guy, class clown, etc. Buck Merrill is friends with another dangerous character, Dallas Winston. They are both known for criminal acts. Ponyboy does not like him. Buck is the stereotypical bad boy Dynamic Characters are characters who go through a significant change during the course of the story. Changes include ones of insight, understanding, commitment or in values. The protagonist is usually a dynamic character. Johnny Cade is an abused, quiet boy who needs protection and stability from the Greasers. He is constantly picked on by the Soc. In the end, he shows courage and saves many lives in the church fire. He dies from injuries from the fire later but as a hero and not a scared youn

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