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Afanasy Grigoriev

Afanasy Grigorievich Grigoriev was a Russian Neoclassical architect, who worked in Moscow and... more »

Affonso Eduardo Reidy

Affonso Eduardo Reidy was a Brazilian architect. Among his projects was participation in the... more »

Alajos Hauszmann

Hauszmann Alajos was an Austro-Hungarian architect, professor, and member of the Hungarian... more »

Alberto Campo Baeza

Edited by Estudio de Arquitectura Campo Baeza Alberto Campo Baeza is a Spanish architect.He took... more »

Alphonse Balat

Alphonse Hubert François Balat was a Belgian architect. more »

Archibald Leitch

Archibald "Archie" Leitch was a Scottish architect, most famous for his work designing football... more »

August Klein

August Klein was an architect of German origin, who worked in Vilnius. from 1891 till 1896... more »

August Orth

August Friedrich Wilhelm Orth was a German architect. He was employed by the Strousberg family... more »

August von Voit

Richard Jakob August von Voit was a German architect. Voit designed the city hall of Annweiler... more »

Auguste Perret

Auguste Perret was a French architect and a world leader and specialist in reinforced concrete... more »

Augustin Ehrensvärd

Field marshal count Augustin Ehrensvärd was a Swedish military officer, military architect,... more »

Augusto H. Álvarez

Augusto Harold Álvarez García was a Mexican architect. more »

Augustus Charles Pugin

Augustus Charles Pugin, born Auguste-Charles Pugin, was an Anglo-French artist, architectural... more »

Axel Anderberg

Axel Johan Anderberg was a Swedish architect active from the 1880s to the early 1930s. During... more »

Axel Haig

Axel Haig was a Swedish-born artist and illustrator. His paintings, illustrations and etchings,... more »

B. Marcus Priteca

Benjamin Marcus Priteca was born in Glasgow, Scotland. A theater architect, he is best known for... more »

C. B. J. Snyder

Charles B. J. Snyder was an American architect, architectural engineer, and mechanical engineer... more »

C. C. Kemble

Charles C. Kemble was a prominent architect in West Virginia during the mid-to-late 19th century. more »

Clair Tisseur

Clair Tisseur, was a French architect whose best known work is Église du Bon-Pasteur, a... more »

E. Fay Jones

Euine Fay Jones was an American architect and designer. He was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd... more »

E. J. Lennox

Edward James Lennox was a Toronto-based architect who designed several of the city's most... more »

Eben Ezra Roberts

Eben Ezra Roberts was an American architect known for his work in the early modern Prairie... more »

Edgar Wood

Edgar Wood was an architect, artist and draftsman who practised from Manchester at the turn of... more »

Ernesto Basile

Ernesto Basile was an Italian architect and an exponent of modernism and Art Nouveau. He became... more »

Eubule Thelwall

Sir Eubule Thelwall a Welsh lawyer, academic and politician who sat in the House of Commons... more »