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  • Spider Jones (78)

    Charles "Spider" Jones is a Canadian journalist, author, and former professional boxer. He is a...

  • H. Emory Widener, Jr. (101)

    Hiram Emory Widener Jr. was a United States federal judge and then a Senior Judge on the United...

  • Jaap Meijer (119)

    Jacob Meijer was a track cyclist from the Netherlands, who represented his native country at the...

  • Dwight Gustafson (94)

    Dwight Leonard Gustafson is a composer, conductor, and dean emeritus of the School of Fine Arts,...

  • Faakhir Mehmood (51)

    Faakhir Mehmood is a Pakistani singer and music composer. He started out his career in a...

  • Kid Harpoon (42)

    Kid Harpoon is an English singer-songwriter and musician.

  • Noe Venable (48)

    Noe Venable is an experimental folk/pop singer-songwriter. She has earned a loyal fan base in...

  • Vyacheslav von Plehve (178)

    Vyacheslav Konstantinovich von Plehve, also Pléhve, or Pleve was the director of Imperial...

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  • steele_n
    I was not able to find anything on the famous artist Do Ho Suh
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  • courtneye
    Discovering Biographies.net has been a game-changer for me. As an avid reader and history enthusiast, the extensive collection of biographies on this platform has opened up a world of knowledge. The diverse range of individuals covered, from historical figures to contemporary icons, provides a comprehensive look at the tapestry of human experience. The well-curated content and user-friendly interface make it easy to delve into the lives of remarkable people. Biographies.net has become my go-to resource for insightful and enriching narratives, making history and the stories of inspiring individuals accessible to all. 
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  • Kathleen Castillo
    Kathleen Castillo
    Is there a way to search by last name only?
    LikeReply 146 years ago
    • STANDS4
      Hey Kathleen -- great idea! We've just added the option to also search by last name...
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  • Olynthia Hamilton
    Olynthia Hamilton
    I was not able to find anything on the famous artist Do Ho Suh
    LikeReply 87 years ago
  • Ibrahim Mahmoud
    Ibrahim Mahmoud
    Luciano Vssalo was an Ethiopian Foot Ball Player / Captain / Coach of the Ethiopian National Team. In 1962 the National Team has won the 3rd African Cup against Egypt. Ethiopia 4 - 2 Egypt .
    LikeReply 88 years ago

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