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A'isha bint Talhah

A'isha bint Talhah was, according to a Sunni source, the daughter of the prominent Muslim... more »

A'Keiba Burrell

A'Keiba Burrell is the daughter of MC Hammer, who appeared in the reality-TV series Hammertime... more »

A'Lelia Bundles

A'Lelia Bundles is an African-American journalist. more »

A. Catrina Bryce

Ann Catrina Bryce is a Scottish electrical engineer and professor at the University of Glasgow... more »

A. Coster Schermerhorn

A. Coster Schermerhorn was the spouse of Ursula Parrott. more »

A. Fujiki

A. Fujiki is the wife of Naohito Fujiki. more »

A. G. Williams

A. G. Williams is the mother of Ada Williams. more »

A. Holly Shissler

Ada Holly Shissler is an Associate Professor of Ottoman and Modern Turkish History in the... more »

A. Krishnaveni

K. Krishnaveni was an Indian politician and former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil... more »

A. V. Phibes

A.V. Phibes is an illustrator known for her slick, retro-inspired images, cartoons and pinups... more »

A. Visalakshi

A. Visalakshi is an Indian politician and incumbent Mayor of Tiruppur Municipal Corporation. She... more »

A.M. Alene

A.M. Alene is the mother of Hawthorne James. more »

Aa'nud Khaled

Aa'nud Khaled is the wife of Abbas al-Noury. more »

Aadel Bülow-Hansen

Aadel Bülow-Hansen was a Norwegian physiotherapist. She was known around the world for... more »

Aadhya Konidala

Aadhya Konidala is the daughter of Pawan Kalyan. more »

Aadnya Borkar

Aadnya Borkar, is an Indian figure skater currently living and practicing in Oman. She is... more »

Aagot Didriksen

Aagot Didriksen was a Norwegian theatre actress and film actress of the 1930s. more »

Aagot Vinterbo-Hohr

Aagot Vinterbo-Hohr is a Norwegian physician and writer. She made her literary début in 1987... more »

Aalia Ebrahim

Aalia Ebrahim is the daughter of Pooja Bedi. more »

Aaliya Kashyap

Aaliya Kashyap is the daughter of Anurag Kashyap and Aarti Bajaj. more »


Aaliyah is the daughter of Durrell Babbs. more »

Aaliyah Guyton

Aaliyah Guyton is a daughter of Adriana Pinto and A.J. Guyton. more »

Aaliyah McCane

Aaliyah McCane is the daughter of Bizzy Bone. more »

Aaliyah Roberson

Aaliyah Roberson is the sister of Andre Roberson. more »

Aaliyah Schimmel

Aaliyah Schimmel is the daughter of Robert Schimmel. more »

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