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F. Angela Great

F. Angela Great is the spouse of István Örkény. more »

F. Hülya Pala

F. Hülya Pala is the wife of İskender Pala. more »

F. Ruchaud

F. Ruchaud is the wife of Bernard Fresson. more »

F. Ruth Howard

F. Ruth Howard was a writer and the wife of Philip Macdonald. more »

F.R. Hamlin

F.R. Hamlin was the wife of H. B. Warner. more »

Faauuga Hannacho Lutu

Faauuga Hannacho Lutu is the daughter of Afoa Moega Lutu and Etenauga Alvina Lam Yuen. more »

Fabia Numantina

Fabia Numantina is generally believed to be the daughter of Paullus Fabius Maximus and Marcia, a... more »

Fabia Orestilla

Fabia Orestilla was the great-granddaughter of Roman emperor Antoninus Pius and the wife of... more »

Fabiana Flosi

Fabiana Flosi is the wife of Bernie Ecclestone. more »

Fabiana Klasnić

Fabiana Klasnić is the daughter of soccer player Ivan Klasnić. more »

Fabiana Lobos

Fabiana Lobos is the sister of football player Lucas Lobos. more »

Fabiana Sá

Fabiana Sá was the wife of Maurìcio Mattar. more »

Fabiana Sgroi

Fabiana Sgroi is an Italian sprint canoer who competed in the late 2000s. At the 2008 Summer... more »

Fabienne Diato-Pasetti

Fabienne Diato-Pasetti is a Monégasque Olympic rifle shooter, who specializes in the 10 metre... more »

Fabienne Dor

Fabienne Dor was the wife of Marc Labrèche. more »

Fabienne Égal

Fabienne Égal is a French announcer and television host. more »

Fabienne Hug

Fabienne Hug is the sister of Andy Hug. more »

Fabienne Keller

Fabienne Keller was the mayor of Strasbourg, France, from March 2001 to March 2008. She was... more »

Fabienne Labrette-Ménager

Fabienne Labrette-Ménager is a member of the National Assembly of France. She represents the... more »

Fabiola Arias

Fabiola Arias is a Cuban American fashion designer based in New York City. more »

Fabiola da Silva

Fabiola da Silva, nicknamed Fabby, is a Brazilian professional vert skater who competes on the... more »

Fabiola Gianotti

Fabiola Gianotti is an Italian particle physicist, a former spokesperson of the ATLAS experiment... more »

Fabiola Maldonado

Fabiola Maldonado is the sister of Sara Maldonado. more »

Fabiola Paula Rossi

Fabiola Paula Rossi is the wife of Jorge Burruchaga. more »

Fabiola Romero

Fabiola Romero is a Florida State University graduate and original member of the FSU Cowgirls,... more »

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