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E. Adeline Reynolds

E. Adeline Reynolds was the mother of Wilfred Lucas. more »

E. C. Spykman

Elizabeth Choate Spykman was an American author known primarily for her children's books. Choate... more »

E. Constance DeBoer

E. Constance DeBoer was the wife of Eric S. Hatch. more »

E. Contreras Lysenko

E. Contreras Lysenko is the mother of Stefan Lysenko. more »

E. Gertrude Thomson

Emily Gertrude Thomson was a British artist and illustrator. She was the daughter of Alexander... more »

E. Horstmann

E. Horstmann was the wife of Walter Jochems. more »

E. Jean Walker

E. Jean Walker is an American academic, and the former President of Virginia Highlands Community... more »

E. Mala

E. Mala is the wife of Balasubramaniem. more »

E. Malley

Mrs E. Shaw is the mother of Major General Anthony John Shaw. more »

E. Norine Dillon

E. Norine Dillon is the mother of Melinda Dillon. more »

E. Suzanne Willis

E. Suzanne Willis is the widow of Matt Willis. more »

E.E. Charlton-Trujillo

e.E. Charlton-Trujillo, a South Texas native, is an award-winning filmmaker and novelist. She... more »

Eadie Maguire

Eadie Maguire is a child of rugby league coach Michael Maguire. more »

Eamon Virk

Eamon Virk is the wife of Adnan Virk. more »


Saint Eanswith, also spelled Eanswythe or Eanswide, was an Anglo Saxon princess. In 630,... more »

Ear Yan

Ear Yan is the mother of Marine Yan. more »

Earleen Kay

Earleen Kay was the wife of Edward J. Kay. more »

Earleen Thomas

Earleen Thomas is the mother of Kenya Thomas. more »

Earlette Doucet

Earlette Doucet is the sister of American football player Early Doucet. more »

Earline Riley

Earline Riley is the parent of Luther Riley. more »

Earline Sword

Earline Sword is the mother of basketball player Craig Sword. more »

Earline W. Parmon

Earline W. Parmon is a Democratic member of the North Carolina General Assembly representing the... more »

Earlyn Lawrence

Earlyn Lawrence is the mother of Sharon Lawrence. more »

Earnestine Hooten

Earnestine Hooten is the mother of Marcus Hooten. more »

Eartha Roberts

Eartha Roberts is the mother of Louis Munks. more »

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