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O'Hara Parrot

O'Hara Parrot was the daughter of Mary O'Hara and Kent Kane Parrot. more »

Oadline Truitt

Oadline Truitt is an American Democratic Party politician, who served in the New Jersey General... more »

Oana Paveluc

Oana Paveluc is a beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned new Miss Universe Romania 2010 on... more »

Oana-Martha Igrisan

Oana-Martha Igrisan is the wife of Bogdan Dumitrache. more »

Oberia Coffin

Oberia Coffin was an American woman claimed to have been aged 122 years, 321 days at her death,... more »


Obi is the sister of Eme Ikwuakor. more »


Obin, real name Josephine Komara, is a textile designer from Indonesia. She is sometimes called... more »

Oceanna Peduto

Oceanna Peduto is the daughter of Ralph Peduto. more »

Oceans Camilla

Oceans Camilla is the daughter of Rahma Azhari. more »

Oceola Staples

Oceola Staples was the wife of Pops Staples. more »

Octavia Blue

Octavia Blue is an American former women's basketball player with the Los Angeles Sparks and... more »

Octavia Elsa Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe

Octavia Elsa Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe is the sister of Gabriella Wilde. more »

Octavia Espinoza

Octavia is the daughter of actress Catalina Olcay and actor Alvaro Espinoza. more »

Octavia Flynn Sorbo

Octavia Flynn Sorbo is the daughter of Kevin Sorbo and Sam Jenkins. more »

Octavia Garrett

Octavia Garrett is the mother of Betty Garrett. more »

Octavia Green

Octavia Green is the mother of basketball player Juan'ya Green. more »

Octavia Killum

Octavia Killum is the mother of Guy Killum. more »

Octavia Vivian

Octavia Vivian is the wife of C.T. Vivian. more »

Octavia Yati

Octavia Yati is an Indonesian actress. She mainly plays in dramas and romantic films. She was... more »


October Hamlyn-Wright is a British musician and recording artist. Known purely by her first... more »

October Adelaide Eggers Vida

October Adelaide Eggers Vida is the daughter of writers Dave Eggers and Vendela Vida. more »

October Bennett

October Bennett is the half-sister of actress Tallulah Sheffield. more »

October Gray

October Gray is the daughter of Paul Gray. more »

Oda Gonçalves

Oda Gonçalves is the wife of Maurício Gonçalves. more »

Oda of Brabant

Oda of Brabant was a Belgian prioress of the 12th century, commonly revered as a saint. more »

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