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'Alia Alsulh

'Alia Alsulh is the daughter of Riad as-Solh. more »

'Alia Bint Jabir

'Alia Bint Jabir is the daughter of Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. more »

'Azza Bint Jabir

'Azza Bint Jabir is the daughter of Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. more »

'Elisiva Fusipala Vaha'i

Princess 'Elisiva Fusipala Vaha'i of Tonga, normally referred to as Princess Fusipala or even... more »

'Ilima Lei Tohi

ʻIlima Lei Fifita Tohi, also known since her marriage as 'Ilimalei Kalaniuvalu, is the... more »

Áed Ruad

Aed I Ruad – legendarny zwierzchni król Irlandii z dynastii Milezjan w latach 361-354 p.n.e. Syn... more »

Ágnes Geréb

Ágnes Geréb is a Hungarian gynaecologist/midwife and psychologist, the pioneer of father's... more »

Ágnes Hankiss

Ágnes Hankiss is a Hungarian politician and elected Member of the European Parliament with... more »

Ágnes Kozák

Ágnes Kozák is the daughter of actor Andras Kozak. more »

Ágnes Pozsonyi

Ágnes Pozsonyi is a Hungarian sprint canoer who competed in the mid-1970s. She won a bronze... more »

Águeda Dicancro

Águeda Dicancro is a Uruguayan sculptor from Montevideo, noted for her plastic art. Her art is... more »

Áine Hyland

Professor Áine Hyland is an author and retired academic. She was a founder of the Dalkey School... more »

Áine Ní Cheanainn

Áine Ní Cheanainn, headmistress and co-founder of Cumann Scannán na nÓg, 1907-1999. Ní Cheanainn... more »

Áine Ní Chonaill

Áine Ní Chonaill is a spokesperson and founder of the Irish anti-immigration group Immigration... more »

Áine Phillips

Áine Phillips is a performance and visual artist living in the West of Ireland. She has been... more »

Ámbar de Benedictis

Ámbar de Benedictis is the daughter of Juana Viale and Juan de Benedictis. more »

Ángela Lewin

Ángela Lewin is the sibling of Francisca Lewin. more »

Ângela Affonso Costa

Ângela Affonso Costa is the wife of Raul Seixas more »

Ángela Auad

Ángela Auad was an Argentine social activist. A member of the Marxist–Leninist Communist Party,... more »

Ángela Becerra

Ángela Becerra is a Colombian writer. She studied publicity design and communications and worked... more »

Ángela Bravo

Ángela Bravo is a film art director. more »

Ángela Gómez

Ángela Gómez Durán who lived in Cantabria, Spain is a model and former Miss Cantabria 2005. She... more »

Ángela Labordeta

Ángela Labordeta is a Spanish writer and journalist. more »

Ângela Lacerda

Ângela Lacerda is the wife of Leonardo Renan Simões de Lacerda. more »

Ângela Maria Nogueira

Ângela Maria Nogueira was the wife of musician João Nogueira and is the mother of musician Diogo... more »

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