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R. A. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo

R. A. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo is the mother of B.J. Habibie. more »

R. Arokiaraj

R. Arokiaraj is a Carrom champion from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He has won many international... more »

R. Bindu

R. Bindu is the former mayor of the Thrissur Municipal Corporation, in the Indian state of... more »

R. Geethanjali

R. Geethanjali is the daughter of V. Ravichandran. more »

R. H. Quaytman

R. H. Quaytman is a contemporary artist, best known for paintings on wood panels, using abstract... more »

R. Indira Kumari

R. Indira Kumari is a politician and former minister from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. She... more »

R. Jennifer Gibbons

R. Jennifer Gibbons is the sister of Tim Gibbons. more »

R. Leema Rose

R. Leema Rose is an Indian politician and a current Member of the Legislative Assembly. She was... more »

R. M. White Plume

R.M. White Plume is the wife of Alex White Plume. more »

R. Rani

R. Rani is an Indian politician and incumbent Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu... more »

R. Shyamala

R. Shyamala is an Indian politician and former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu... more »

R. Subha

R. Subha is an Indian politician and incumbent Member of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly... more »

R. Sumathy

R. Sumathy is the wife of V. Ravichandran. more »

R.H. Tuti Juariah

R.H. Tuti Juariah is the mother of Rhoma Irama. more »

R.J. Harlick

R.J. Harlick is a Canadian mystery writer. Her Meg Harris mystery series is set in the Canadian... more »

Raabiya Bhatti

Raabiya Bhatti is the daughter of Jaspal Bhatti. more »


Raakama is the wife of Santhanam. more »

Raba'a Bint Jabir

Raba'a Bint Jabir is the daughter of Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. more »

Rabab Fetieh

Dr. Rabab Mohammad Abdulqader Fetieh is a Saudi academic, currently a Professor of Orthodontics... more »

Rabab Haguigui

Rabab Haguigui was one of the wifes of Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden. more »

Rabanit Simi Abuhatzeira

Rabanit Simi Abuhatzeira was the third wife of Baba Sali. more »

Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum

Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum is the mother of Benjamin Roman. more »

Rabeya Khatun

Rabeya Khatun, is a Bangladeshi novelist. more »


Rabia is the daughter of Abdul Hamid I. more »

Rabia Emeç

Rabia Emeç was the mother of Çetin Emeç a prominent Turkish journalist and columnist, who was... more »

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