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L'Corine Rucker

L'Corine Rucker is the sister of Darius Rucker. more »

L. Geller

Lisa Geller was the daughter of Bruce Geller. more »

L. Jean Lewis

Laura Jean Lewis is a former senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation. She is... more »

L. M. Elliott

L.M. Elliott is the award winning author of several young adult novels, including Under a... more »

L. M. Gillespie

L. M. Gillespie was one of the first women police officers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. more »

L. Sasikala Pushpa

L. Sasikala Pushpa is an Indian politician and incumbent Mayor of Thoothukudi Municipal... more »

L. Smiljevic

L. Smiljevic is the wife of austrian actor Igor Breakenback. more »

L. Susan Brown

L. Susan Brown is a Canadian anarcho-communist writer and theoretician. Brown is best known for... more »

L.H. Riley

L.H. Riley is the daughter of Walter Walker. more »

La Amapola

Guadalupe Ramona Olvera is a Mexican professional wrestler, or Luchadora as they are called in... more »

La Beata de Piedrahita

Sister María de Santo Domingo, "La Beata de Piedrahita" was a Spanish mystic of the early 16th... more »

La Belle Otero

Carolina “La Belle” Otero was a Galician born dancer, actress and courtesan. more »

La Queena Hayes-Rowe

La Queena Hayes-Rowe is the mother of Robert Hayes. more »

La Tonya Q. Reynolds

La Tonya Q. Reynolds is the wife of Lester G. Reynolds. more »

La Valera

La Valera was a Spanish dancer of the early twentieth century. more »

La Vona M. Green

La Vona M. Green is the sister of Jean Parker. more »

La'Tanya Cash-Calhoun

La'Tanya Cash-Calhoun is the mother of A'uston Calhoun. more »


La-Dalia was the wife of Chief Seattle. more »

La-iad Pibulsonggram

La-iad Pibulsonggram was the wife of Plaek Phibunsongkhram. more »

La-ong Vicharanabutra

La-ong Vicharanabutra was the wife of Kitiyakara Voralaksana. more »

La-Rose Saxon Cannon

La-Rose Saxon Cannon is the wife of Cedric Cannon. more »

Laberia Hostilia Crispina

Laberia Hostilia Crispina, full name Laberia Marcia Hostilia Crispina Moecia Cornelia, was a... more »

Labrini Martaki

Labrini Martaki is the mother of Kostas Martakis. more »

Lacetia Bradford

Lacetia Bradford is the mother of basketball player Demarcus Holland. more »

Lacey Ford

Lacey Ford is the daughter of Eileen and Gerard W. Ford. more »

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