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Laila Ali Abdulla

Laila Ali Abdulla, is the wife of the fourth president of the second Republic of the Maldives,... more »

Laila Andersson

Laila Andersson is the mother of Benny Andersson. more »

Laila Bērziņa

Laila Bērziņa is a deputy of Līgatne City Council belonging to the New Era Party, currently she... more »

Laila Brenden

Laila Brenden is a Norwegian author. She was born in Oslo, and now lives in Jessheim. She has... more »

Laila de Souza

Laila de Souza is the mother of Brazilian soccer player Bernardo Vieira de Souza. more »

Laila El Garaa

Laila El Garaa is a Paralympian athlete from Morocco competing mainly in category F40 shot putt... more »

Laila ElBaradei

Laila ElBaradei is the sister of Mohamed ElBaradei. more »

Laila Fernea

Laila Fernea is the daughter of Elizabeth Warnock Fernea. more »

Laila Harris

Laila Harris is the daughter of Kittitian footballer Atiba Harris. more »

Laila Kamilia

Laila Kamilia is a novelist and blogger from Malaysia. Her real name is Haslina Kamaluddin, and... more »

Laila Kanafani

Laila Kanafani is the daughter of Ghassan Kanafani. more »

Laila Macharia

Laila Macharia is the Founder of Scion Real,a diversified investment firm headquartered in... more »

Laila Nazir

Laila is the daughter of Prem Nazir. more »

Laïla Ordon

Laïla Ordon is the sister of Julie Ordon. more »

Laila Riksaasen Dahl

Lailia Riksaasen Dahl is the current bishop of the Diocese of Tunsberg in the Church of... more »

Laila Shadid

Laila Shadid is the daughter of Anthony Shadid. more »

Laila Shawa

Laila Shawa is a Palestinian artist. Her work has been described as reflecting a view of the... more »

Laila Takla

Dr. Laila Takla is an Coptic Egyptian politician, author, and promoter of positive... more »

Laila Wayans

Laila Wayans is the daughter of Shawn Wayans. more »

Laila Yamani

Laila Yamani is the ex-wife of Ahmed Zaki Yamani. more »

Lailaa Nicole Williams

Lailaa Nicole Williams is the daughter of Candace Parker. more »

Lailah Marley

Lailah Marley is the daughter of Stephen Marley. more »

Lailasari Malik

Lailasari Malik is the daughter of Djamaluddin Malik. more »

Laili Helms

Laili Helms was the Taliban's best-known advocate in the West before the 9/11 attacks. Following... more »

Laima Chatkeviciene

Laima Chatkeviciene is the mother of Laimonas Chatkevicius. more »

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