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Lady May Poole

Lady May Poole is the mother of actress Virginia Gilmore. more »

Lady Melissa Patricia Eileen Ward

Lady Melissa Patricia Eileen Ward is the daughter of William Ward, 4th Earl of Dudley and... more »

Lady Mercy Greville

Lady Mercy Greville was the wife of Basil Dean. more »

Lady Meriam

Lady Meriam Chong Abdullah, also known as Chong Ah Mei or Mariam Abdullah, was the first wife of... more »

Lady Meskah

Lady Meskah is a well-known women of Egyptian Islamic history. She was a slave to Sultan... more »

Lady Mina

Lady Fernanda Mina Lastra is a beauty pageant title holder who won the Miss Ecuador 2010. more »

Lady Mou

Lady Mou was the mother of Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang. more »

Lady Murray

Marjorie Nellie, Lady Murray was a British administrator who was one of the last people to... more »

Lady Nicholas Windsor

Lady Nicholas Windsor is the wife of Lord Nicholas Windsor, son of the Duke and Duchess of Kent. more »

Lady Norah Ida Emily Noel

Lady Norah Ida Emily Noel is the mother of Henry Bentinck, 11th Earl of Portland. more »

Lady O

Lady O, concubine, was a concubine of Yuan Shikai. more »

Lady of Lawers

The Lady of Lawers was a Scottish soothsayer from the late 17th century. Around 1640, John... more »

Lady of the Forum

The Lady of the Forum or Queen of the Latins is the provisional nickname given to a perfectly... more »

Lady Oltea

Lady Oltea was the mother of Stephen III of Moldavia. more »

Lady Ploen Tephadsadin Na Ayutthaya

Lady Ploen Tephadsadin Na Ayutthaya is the mother of Nat Tephadsadin Na Ayutthaya. more »

Lady Po Nagar

According to Cham legend, Lady Po Nagar, or Leiou Ye, was the founder of the Cham nation. She... more »

Lady Rai

Lady Rai was an ancient Egyptian woman of the early 18th Dynasty who served as nursemaid to... more »

Lady Ranelagh

Lady Ranelagh was the sister of Robert Boyle. more »

Lady Rizo

Lady Rizo is an American comedienne and chanteuse, who began performing in New York in 2004. In... more »

Lady Rose McLaren

The Lady Rose Mary Primrose McLaren was a British aristocrat, the fourth daughter of the 6th... more »

Lady Rosemary Mildred Spencer-Churchill

Lady Rosemary Mildred Spencer-Churchill is the daughter of John Spencer-Churchill, 10th Duke of... more »

Lady Rosemary Millicent Ward

Lady Rosemary Millicent Ward is the daughter of William Ward, 4th Earl of Dudley and Stella... more »

Lady Saka

Lady Saka was a concubine of Oda Nobunaga. more »

Lady Seungman

Lady Seungman was the wife of Jinpyeong of Silla. more »

Lady Shen

Lady Shen, concubine, was a concubine of Yuan Shikai. more »

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