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J Dakota Powell

J Dakota Powell is a writer-producer based in London, and founder of LoNyLa, a transatlantic... more »

J Ndaba

J Ndaba is the wife of Themba Ndaba. more »

J. Ann Tickner

J. Ann Tickner is a feminist international relations theorist. She is a distinguished scholar in... more »

J. Lawrence Irving

J. Lawrence Irving is a former United States federal judge. Born in San Diego, California,... more »

J. Morgan Puett

J. Morgan Puett is a conceptual installation artist. She is the daughter of a third generation... more »

J. N. Jayashree

J. N. Jayashree is a whistle blower from India, a housewife who reported on corruption in... more »

Ja'nya Flash

Ja'nya Flash is the sister of basketball player Jamel Flash. more »

Jaana Kehusmaan

Jaana Kehusmaan is the spouse of Janne Niinimaa. more »

Jabba Tantay

Jabba Tantay is the daughter of Rio Locsin. more »

Jacaranda Fernández

Jacaranda Fernández was the daughter of Emilio Fernández and Columba Domínguez. more »

Jacelle Scotland

Jacelle Scotland is a daughter of footballer Jason Scotland. more »

Jacey Erwin

Jacey Erwin is the daughter of Julie Sommars. more »

Jacey Jones

Jacey Jones is the sister of January Jones and Jina Jones. more »

Jaci Clement

Jaci Clement is a media expert with more than 20 years experience in the communications... more »

Jaciara Prata

Jaciara Prata is the daughter of Grande Otelo. more »

Jacinda Jones

Jacinda Jones is the daughter of John Paul Jones and Maureen Jones. more »

Jacinda Myrtle de Leon

Jacinda Myrtle de Leon is the sister of Keempee de Leon. more »

Jacinta McLaughlin

Jacinta McLaughlin is the sister of Roma Downey. more »

Jacinta Rosa Ferreira

Jacinta Rosa Ferreira was the mother of Camilo Castelo Branco. more »

Jacinte d'Estaing

Jacinte d'Estaing is the child of Valéry Giscard d'Estaing. more »

Jacintha Darlene Gardner

Jacintha Darlene Gardner is the daughter of Chris Gardner. more »

Jacinthe Taillon

Jacinthe Taillon is a Canadian competitor in synchronized swimming and Olympic medalist. She... more »

Jacira Bahia

Jacira Bahia is the mother of football player André Bahia. more »

Jack W. Schwietzer

Jack W. Schwietzer is the husband of Jackie Loughery. more »


Jack-Louise Montgomery was the sibling of the actress Diana Serra Cary. more »

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