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Jacqueline Faría

Jacqueline Faría is a Venezuelan politician. She is the Head of Government of the Venezuelan... more »

Jacqueline Fellus

Jacqueline Fellus is the mother of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. more »

Jacqueline Fernandez Hayes

Jacqueline Fernandez Hayes is the sister of Peter Fernandez. more »

Jacqueline Figueroa

Jacqueline Figueroa is the mother of Jean-Luke Figueroa. more »

Jacqueline Fontyn

Jacqueline Fontyn is a contemporary Belgian composer, pianist and music educator. She was born... more »

Jacqueline Forlani

Jacqueline Forlani was the wife of Rémo Forlani. more »

Jacqueline Fox

Jacqueline Fox is the wife of Bernard Fox. more »

Jacqueline Francois Washington

Jacqueline Francois Washington is the mother of Leonard Washington. more »

Jacqueline Gagne

Jacqueline Gagne is an American golfer from Rancho Mirage, California. In 2007, at 46 years old... more »

Jacqueline Gaither

Jacqueline Gaither is the sister of Barbara McNair. more »

Jacqueline Garabedian

Jacqueline Garabedian is the wife of Henri Salvador. more »

Jacqueline Gardiner

Jacqueline Gardiner was the wife of Iain Gardiner. more »

Jacqueline Goddet

Jacqueline Goddet is the mother of Oliver Stone. more »

Jacqueline Golden

Jacqueline Golden is the mother of Andrew Golden. more »

Jacqueline Gourault

Jacqueline Gourault is a member of the Senate of France, representing the Loir-et-Cher... more »

Jacqueline Halton

Jacqueline Halton was the wife of Ken Norton. more »

Jacqueline Hansen

Jacqueline Hansen is a former long-distance runner from the United States who is recognized by... more »

Jacqueline Hernly

Jacqueline Hernly was the wife of Conard Fowkes. more »

Jacqueline Horn

Jacqueline Horn is a German slalom canoer who has competed since the mid-2000s. She won a bronze... more »

Jacqueline Huggins

Jacqueline Huggins is the daughter of basketball coach Bob Huggins. more »

Jacqueline Huppert

Jacqueline Huppert is the sister of Isabelle Huppert. more »

Jacqueline Joseph

Jacqueline Joseph is the daughter of Greg Joseph. more »

Jacqueline Justman

Jacqueline Justman was the wife of Robert H. Justman. more »

Jacqueline Kamellard

Jacqueline Kamellard is the wife of Michael Manley. more »

Jacqueline Keegan

Jacqueline Keegan is the mother of Michelle Keegan. more »

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