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Uallach ingen Muinecháin

Uallach ingen Muinechain, Irish poet and Chief Ollam of Ireland, died 934. Uallach was of the... more »

Uam Bisalayabutra

Uam Bisalayabutra is the mother of Kitiyakara Voralaksana. more »

Ubaida Bint Adi

Ubaida Bint Adi is the daughter of Abu Layla al-Muhalhel. more »

Ubalda García de Cañete

Ubalda García de Cañete was the eldest daughter of the Paraguayan dictator José Gaspar Rodríguez... more »

Uberta Visconti di Modrone

Uberta Visconti di Modrone was the sister of Luchino Visconti. more »

Ubon Sangsuwan

Ubon Sangsuwan was the sister of Prarachapromayan (Weera Tawaro). more »

Ubonrat Kongying

Ubonrat Kongying is the mother of Suvanant Kongying. more »

Ucu Agustin

Ucu Agustin is an Indonesian journalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker. Educated in an... more »

Udaipuri Mahal

Udaipuri Mahal was a concubine of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. She was probably Udaipur or Kashmiri... more »

Udal Mahoba

Udal was a Rajput general in the army of Chandel King Maharaj Parimard Dev Burman of Mahoba in... more »

Uddipana Goswami

Uddipana Goswami is an Indian poet, academic, editor, author and media consultant. She is from... more »


Udjebten or Wadjebten was an ancient Egyptian queen consort, a wife of Pharaoh Pepi II of the... more »

Ufitonga Williams

Ufitonga Williams is the mother of Tony Williams. more »

Ugnė Adelė Nakas

Ugnė Adelė Nakas is the daughter of Audrius Nakas. more »

Ugnė Volkevičiūtė

Ugnė Volkevičiūtė is the wife of Mindaugas Katelynas. more »

Ugo Edu

Ugo Edu is the sister of Maurice Edu. more »

Uhaina Lizarazu

Uhaina Lizarazu is the daughter of Claire Keim and Bixente Lizarazu. more »

Uilika Nambahu

Uilika Nambahu is a Namibian politician. She was elected mayor of Walvis Bay on 14 May 2008,... more »

Ujala Shanker

Ujala Shanker is an Indian social entrepreneur who runs a social enterprise called Stitches. She... more »

Ujjala Padukone

Ujjala Padukone is the mother of Deepika Padukone. more »


Ukon — Japanese poetess of Heian period. She was also a lady-in-waiting of Onshi. She belonged... more »

Ula Beauchamp

Ula Beauchamp was the mother of Clem Beauchamp. more »

Ula M. Walker

Ula M. Walker was the first wife of Glynn Russell Turman. more »

Uldi Naburgs

Uldi Naburgs is the mother of Australian basketball player Joel Naburgs. more »


Ülfet was the wife of Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt. more »

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