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Fanny Alger

Fanny Alger has been alleged to have been the first plural wife of Joseph Smith, the founder of... more »

Fanny Altendorfer

Fanny Altendorfer was an Austrian luger who competed in the late 1920s. She won a bronze medal... more »

Fanny Arthur Robinson

Fanny Arthur Robinson was an English pianist, music educator and composer. more »

Fanny Bees

Fanny Bees was the mother of Woolf Barnato. more »

Fanny Besser

Fanny Besser was the mother of Joe Besser. more »

Fanny Bleecker Shippey

Fanny Bleecker Shippey was the mother of Frances Heflin and Van Heflin. more »

Fanny Cicenia

Fanny Cicenia was the mother of Ron Carey. more »

Fanny Clamagirand

Fanny Clamagirand is a French classical violinist. more »

Fanny Copley

Fanny Copley is the daughter of actor Peter Copley. more »

Fanny Cornforth

Fanny Cornforth was an English woman who became the artist's model and mistress of the... more »

Fanny Corri-Paltoni

Fanny Corri-Paltoni was a celebrated English operatic soprano active in Europe between 1818 and... more »

Fanny Farr

Fanny Farr was the mother of Arthur Bourchier. more »

Fanny Franks

Fanny Franks was the spouse of screenwriter and film producer E. Lloyd Sheldon. more »

Fanny Gillette

Fanny Gillette is the former wife of Landers Stevens. more »

Fanny Goetz

Fanny Goetz was the mother of William Goetz more »

Fanny Gordon

Fanny Gordon was the only female laykhte-muzik composer in pre-war Poland. more »

Fanny Grace Lubensky

Fanny Grace Lubensky is the daughter of Brooke Smith. more »

Fanny Greek Vlachos

Fanny Misiou is the mother of Yiannis Boutaris. more »

Fanny Hayes Platt

Fanny Hayes Platt was the mother of Laura Platt. more »

Fanny Kessler Raab

Fanny Kessler Raab was the mother of Max Raab. more »

Fanny Krumpholtz Pittar

Fanny Krumpholtz Pittar was a Bohemian harpist and composer. She was the daughter of composer... more »

Fanny Lamorisse

Fanny Lamorisse was the daughter of Albert Lamorisse. more »

Fanny Mathieson

Fanny Mathieson is the mother of Richard Matheson. more »

Fanny Minati

Fanny Minati is the spouse of Umberto Smaila. more »

Fanny Morweiser

Fanny Morweiser is a German writer. more »

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