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Abi Shield

Abi Shield is a sister of Kevin Davies. more »

Abiah Folger

Abiah Folger was the mother of Benjamin Franklin. more »

Abiah Leavitt Storrs

Abiah Leavitt Storrs is the wife of Joseph Bellamy. more »

Abida Hussain

Syeda Abida Hussain is a Pakistani politician. She is a former National Assembly member from... more »

Abidemi Sanusi

Abidemi Sanusi is the author of several fiction and devotional books, and has written for church... more »


Abigail is the sister of Nathan Ruyle. more »

Abigail Ackroyd

Abigail Ackroyd is the daughter of David Ackroyd and Ruth Liming. more »

Abigail Angel Espino

Abigail Angel Espino is the daughter of professional American boxer, Miguel Espino. more »

Abigail Ann Cohen

Abigail Ann Cohen is the ex-wife of John Pirruccello. more »

Abigail Barnes

Abigail Barnes is the daughter of Peter Barnes. more »

Abigail Barwuah

Abigail Barwuah is the sister of professional soccer player Mario Barwuah Balotelli. more »

Abigail Bezold

Abigail Bezold is the daughter of basketball coach Dave Bezold. more »

Abigail Bierce

Abigail Bierce was the sister of Ambrose Bierce. more »

Abigail Chilton

Abigail Chilton is the daughter of David Chilton. more »

Abigail Christian Herre

Abigail Christian Herre is the daughter of Jody Lawrence and Bruce Michael Herre. more »

Abigail Collins

Abigail Collins is the daughter of Christopher Collins. more »

Abigail Eva Schneider

Abigail Eva Schneider is a daughter of Mathieu Schneider. more »

Abigail Gale

Abigail Gale is a make up artist and conceptual designer for film and television. more »

Abigail Gellman

Abigail Gellman is the daughter of Barton Gellman. more »

Abigail Gowan

Abigail Gowan was the wife of Dean Smith. more »

Abigail Grace Lutes

Abigail Grace Lutes is the daughter of Eric Lutes. more »

Abigail Harris

Gail Harris is the mother of Aileen Getty. more »

Abigail Hill Booth

Abigail Hill Booth was the mother of Ernest Booth. more »

Abigail Hobbs

Abigail Hobbs was a girl of about 14 years old when she was arrested for witchcraft on April 18,... more »

Abigail Jelks

Abigail Jelks is the sister of Amanda Jelks. more »

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