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Ada Adair Apperly

Ada Adair Apperly was the wife of John Pringle. more »

Ada Adini

Ada Adini was an American operatic soprano who had an active international career from 1876 up... more »

Ada Azotam

Ada Azotam is the sister of basketball player Ike Azotam. more »

Ada Balchin

Ada Balchin was the mother of Nigel Balchin. more »

Ada Barber

Ada Barber was the mother of William Talman. more »

Ada Beveridge

Ada Beveridge MBE, née Beardmore was an Australian Country Women's Association leader. Born at... more »

Ada Blackwell

Ada Blackwell was the wife of Chris Blackwell. more »

Ada Cecelia Pfautz

Ada Cecelia Pfautz is the wife of A. W. Tozer. more »

Ada Charlotte Barr

Ada Charlotte Barr was the wife of Herbert Henry Bartlett. more »

Ada DeGraff

Ada DeGraff was the wife of Jack Bursey. more »

Ada Dorothy Adams

Ada Dorothy Adams was the mother of Edie Adams. more »

Ada Eliason

Ada Eliason is the mother of Joyce Eliason. more »

Ada F Kay

Ada F Kay, also known as A.J. Stewart, is a British writer with a particularly complex personal... more »

Ada F. McBride

Ada F. McBride is the mother of Jessie E. Stept. more »

Ada Felicatas Hayes

Ada Felicatas Hayes was the wife of W. Donn Hayes. more »

Ada Forsyth-Johnson

Ada Forsyth-Johnson was the mother of Bruce Forsyth-Johnson. more »

Ada Gentile

Ada Gentile is an Italian pianist and composer. more »

Ada Haynes

Ada Haynes is the mother of Eriq La Salle. more »

Ada Heckroth

Ada Heckroth was the wife of Hein Heckroth. more »

Ada Higgins

Ada Higgins is the wife of John Holmes. more »

Ada Hitchcock

Ada Hitchcock was the spouse of Archibald MacLeish. more »

Ada Howe

Ada Howe was the wife of Roland Winters. more »

Ada Hughes

Ada Hughes was the mother of Geoffrey Hughes. more »

Ada J. Gauntier

Ada J. Gauntier was the mother of Gene Gauntier. more »

Ada Johnson

Ada Johnson was a circus performer. more »

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