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Abla al-Douri

Abla al-Douri is the daughter of Iraqi politician Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri. more »

Abla Khairy

Abla Khairy is an Egyptian swimmer. At the age of 13, she became the youngest ever swimmer to... more »

Abnar Farrakhan

Abnar Farrakhan is the daughter of Louis Farrakhan. more »

Abra Coleman

Abra Coleman is the sister of Adam Coleman Howard. more »

Abram's wife

Unnamed wife of Abram, sister of Nahor (and thus daughter of Serug). (Jubilees 11:13)Jubilees... more »

Abramo Beatriz

Beatriz Abramo is the sister of Lélia Abramo. more »

Abrelyn Rackley

Abrelyn Rackley is the sister of Darion Rackley. more »

Abrianna Vittorio

Abrianna Vittorio is the daughter of Vincent Vittorio. more »

Abrielle DeBarge

Abrielle DeBarge is the daughter of Chico DeBarge. more »

Abrielle Grace Walker

Abrielle Grace Walker is the daughter of Ashlyn Walker. more »

Abril Goldsmith

Abril Goldsmith is the daughter of Gabriela Goldsmith. more »

Absh Khatun

Absh Khatun was a Queen of Persia from 1263 to 1287. Her mother was Bibi Khatun. She married... more »

Abta bint Muqrin bin Abdulaziz

Abta bint Muqrin bin Abdulaziz is the daughter Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. more »

Abwooli Omugo

Abwooli Omugo is one of the five wives of Rukidi III of Toro. more »

Acacia Bamberg Salatti

Acacia Bamberg Salatti is the Deputy Director, Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood... more »

Acadia Peake

Acadia Peake is the daughter of musician Ryan Peake. more »


Achaeus was a Greek Macedonian nobleman and was the second son born to King and founder of the... more »


Achsah - "anklet", was Caleb ben Yefune's only daughter. She was offered in marriage to the man... more »

Achsah Nesmith

Achsah Nesmith is the wife of American journalist Jeff Nesmith. more »

Achtan inion Olc Acha

Achtan,fl. c.1st-2nd centuries AD, mother of Cormac mac Airt. more »

Acija Alfirević

Acija Alfirević is an academic, lecturer, professor, feminist, scientist, writer and literary... more »

Acka Berthe

Acka Berthe is the mother of Adjehi Baru. more »

Aconia Fabia Paulina

Aconia Fabia Paulina was an aristocratic woman and one of the last pagan Romans who tried to... more »


Acxocueitl was the first Queen consort of city-state of Tlatelolco. more »


Ada was the mother of the actress Tayva Patch. more »

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