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Abigail Johanne Wimpelmann

Abigail Johanne Wimpelmann was the mother of Norwegian ballerina, musical theatre actress and... more »

Abigail Levine

Abigail Levine, a New York-based dance and performance artist. Levine has created works for... more »

Abigail Mandana Holmes Christensen

Abigail Mandana Holmes Christensen was an American collector of folklore. Abigail Christensen... more »

Abigail Margaret O'Sullivan

Abigail Margaret O'Sullivan was the mother of Thomas J. Dodd. more »

Abigail McCarthy

Abigail Quigley McCarthy was an American academic and writer, best known as the wife of... more »

Abigail McLellan

Abigail McLellan was a Scottish artist. more »

Abigail Michelle Blosil

Abigail Michelle Blosil is a daughter of an actress Marie Osmond. more »

Abigail Osborne

Abigail Osborne is the daughter of Madolyn Smith Osborne and Mark Osborne. more »

Abigail Payne

Abigail Payne is a daughter of Steve Payne. more »

Abigail Sarne

Abigail Sarne is the daughter of Mike Sarne and Anne Musso. more »

Abigail Slate

Abigail Slate is a sister of Jenny Slate. more »

Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams was the adopted daughter of Bob Monkhouse. more »

Abigail Witchalls

The stabbing of Abigail Witchalls was a crime in England in 2005 that left the victim, a... more »

Abigail Ytuarte

Abigail Ytuarte is the sister of Jonah Ytuarte. more »

Abike Dabiri

Abike Dabiri-Erewa, born in Jos, Plateau State is a Nigerian politician and member of the... more »

Abike Olajuwon

Abike Olajuwon is the mother of Hakeem Olajuwon. more »

Abike Solanke

Abike Solanke is the mother of Olumide Solanke. more »


Abinaya is the daughter of Parthiban. more »

Abir bint Fahd al Faisal al Farhan al Saud

Abir bint Fahd al Faisal al Farhan al Saud was the wife of Sultan bin Abdulaziz. more »

Abir bint Faisal bin Turki

Abir bint Faisal bin Turki is the wife of Saud bin Nayef. more »

Abir Mannah

Abir Mannah is the mother of Tim Mannah. more »

Abir Muhaisen

Abir Muhaisen was adopted by King Hussein of Jordan and his third wife Queen Alia after... more »


According to the Old Testament, Abishag was a young woman of Shunem, distinguished for her... more »

Abisola Aromona

Abisola Aromona is the mother of basketball player Tomie Aromona. more »


Abital is the fifth wife of King David. more »

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