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A'Lelia Perry Bundles

A'Lelia Perry Bundles is an award winning author. more »

A. Bhimsingh

A. Bhimsingh or Bhim Singh was a film maker, producer, editor and writer from the Tamil Film... more »

A. Birnbaum

A. Birnbaum is a writer and illustrator. more »

A. H. Sheriffdeen

Deshamanya A. H. Sheriffdeen is a Sri Lankan Surgeon, academic and voluntary worker. Sheriffdeen... more »

A. Hugh Joseph

A. Hugh Joseph is the recipient of the 1985 Juno Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award. more »

A. Mojtabai

A. Mojtabai is a 1980 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

A. Radhaswamy

A. Radhaswamy is a film sound assistant. more »

A. Rangaraj

A. Rangaraj is a film art director. more »

A. Roger Ekirch

A. Roger Ekirch is a 1998 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

A. S. Laxmi Narayanan

A. S. Laxmi Narayanan is an audiographer - sound engineer, mixer and sound editor from Vellore... more »

A. Sreekar Prasad

Akkineni Sreekar Prasad better known as Sreekar Prasad is a National Award winning Film editing... more »

A. Sriram

A. Sriram is a film producer. more »

A.A. Majid

A.A. Majid is a film art director. more »

A.J. Cunningham

A.J. Cunningham has worked as technical director on multiple TV episodes and films. more »

A.J. Gundell

Andrew J. "A.J." Gundell is an American musician and music director. He has won 13 Emmy awards;... more »

A.P. Wilkinson

A.P. Wilkinson is an BAFTA awardee and nominee. more »

A.R. Kakkad

A.R. Kakkad is a film art director. more »

Aarav Khanna

Aarav Khanna is an actor. more »

Aarif Sheikh

Aarif Sheikh is a film editor. more »

Aaron Barsky

Aaron Barsky is an assistant TV director. more »

Aaron D. Wyner

Dr. Aaron D. Wyner was an American information theorist noted for his contributions in coding... more »

Aarti Bajaj

Aarti Bajaj is an Indian film editor. She has edited films like Jab We Met and Aamir. more »

Aasmund Brynildsen

Aasmund Brynildsen was a Norwegian essayist, biographer, magazine editor and publishing house... more »

Abby Treloggen

Abby Treloggen is a music editor. more »

Abdellah Hammoudi

Abdellah Hammoudi is a 1998 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

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