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100 people born today: February 25

Adolf II, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Adolf II, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe was the last ruler of the small Principality of... more »

Mikel Erentxun

Mikel Erentxun is a Venezuelan-born Spanish rock musician. Formerly with the group Duncan Dhu,... more »

George Chaldakov

George Nikov Chaldakov born February 23, 1940, in Burgas, Bulgaria, is a Bulgarian vascular... more »

Solomon Joachim Halberstam

Solomon Joachim Chayim Halberstam known from his acronym as ShaZHaH, was an Austrian scholar and... more »

Shoko Aida

Shoko Aida is a female J-Pop artist and actress. She was born in Higashimurayama, Tokyo, and... more »

Richard William Enraght

Richard William Enraght SSC was an Irish-born Church of England priest of the late nineteenth... more »

Steve Holy

Steve Holy is an American country music singer. Signed to Curb Records since 1999, he has... more »

Tokugawa Tsunayoshi

Tokugawa Tsunayoshi was the fifth shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty of Japan. He was the younger... more »

Guy C. Wiggins

Guy Carleton Wiggins NA was an American artist who became famous for his paintings of New York... more »

Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow

Patriarch Alexy II was the 15th Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus', the primate of the Russian... more »

John Murray Forbes

John Murray Forbes was an American railroad magnate, merchant, philanthropist and abolitionist... more »

Rusty Young

Rusty Young is an American guitarist, vocalist and songwriter best known as one of the frontmen... more »

Louis Bertignac

Louis Bertignac is a French guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. An ex Shakin' Street member and... more »

Tom Hutchinson

Thomas "Tom" Hutchinson is an English footballer who plays for Kingstonian as a defender. He... more »

Kazunori Iio

Kazunori Iio is a Japanese football player. He is was born in Iwate, Japan. He currently plays... more »

David Sylvian

David Sylvian is an English singer-songwriter and musician who came to prominence in the late... more »

Josiah Mason

Sir Josiah Mason was an English industrialist, engaged in pen manufacture and other trades, and... more »

Ursula Hirst

Ursula Hirst-Sheron was a British character actress. She was born in London, England. She died... more »

Amos T. Akerman

Amos Tappan Akerman served as United States Attorney General under President Ulysses S. Grant... more »

Peter Fonda

Peter Henry Fonda is an American actor. He is the son of Henry Fonda, brother of Jane Fonda, and... more »

Michael Ausiello

Michael Ausiello is an American television industry journalist and actor. He was a Senior Writer... more »

Rosendo Mercado

Rosendo Mercado Ruiz is a Spanish rock singer and songwriter. He was a member of bands Ñu and... more »

William Chambers

Sir William Chambers RA was a Scottish-Swedish architect, based in London. Among his best-known... more »

Valerie D'Orazio

Valerie D'Orazio is an American comic book writer and editor. She formerly worked as an... more »

John Blow

John Blow was an English Baroque composer and organist, appointed to Westminster Abbey in 1669... more »

Goro Shimura

Goro Shimura is a Japanese mathematician, and currently a professor emeritus of mathematics at... more »

Sandra Osborne

Sandra Currie Osborne is a Scottish Labour politician, who has been the Member of Parliament for... more »

Bruce Porter

Bruce Porter was an American painter, sculptor, stained-glass designer, writer, muralist,... more »

Andrew Hamilton Russell

Major General Sir Andrew Hamilton Russell KCB, KCMG was a General from New Zealand, during the... more »

Sir William Jardine, 7th Baronet

Sir William Jardine, 7th Baronet of Applegirth, Dumfriesshire was a Scottish naturalist. more »

Emma Willard

Emma Hart Willard was an American women's rights activist who dedicated her life to education... more »

Ola Svensson

Ola Nils Håkan Svensson, professionally known simply as Ola, is a Swedish artist and songwriter... more »

Marc Garneau

Joseph Jean-Pierre Marc Garneau, C.C., CD, Ph.D., F.C.A.S.I., MP is a Canadian politician,... more »

Elston Howard

Elston Gene Howard was an American professional baseball catcher, left fielder and coach. During... more »

Bertrand Baguette

Bertrand Baguette is a Belgian racing driver from Thimister-Clermont. Since 2000, he has... more »

Victor Fleming

Victor Lonzo Fleming was an American film director, cinematographer, and producer. His most... more »

Jean-François Hubert

Jean-François Hubert, bishop of Quebec, trained at the Sulpician seminary in Montreal. He was... more »

Stephen Atkins Swails

Stephen Atkins Swails was a soldier in the Union Army during the American Civil War. Although... more »

Carl Menger

Carl Menger was the founder of the Austrian School of economics. Menger contributed to the... more »

Samuel Bellamy

Captain Samuel Bellamy, better known as "Black Sam" Bellamy, was an English pirate who operated... more »

Wilbert Pennings

Wilbert Bernard Roger Pennings is a Dutch high jumper. He is a thirteen-time Dutch champion and... more »

Alexander Evert Kawilarang

Alex Kawilarang is an Indonesian military officer, a freedom fighter and founder of the military... more »

Diane Varsi

Diane Marie Antonia Varsi was an American film actress best known for her performances in Peyton... more »

Marie Louise Kold

Marie Louise Kold is an artist who works with the patination and etching of metals. She is... more »

Nguyễn Chánh Thi

Lieutenant General Nguyễn Chánh Thi was an officer in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. He is... more »

Jes Psaila

Jes Psaila is a Maltese guitarist born in Valletta, Malta, on 23 February 1964. Psaila began his... more »

Kelly Macdonald

Kelly Macdonald is a Scottish actress, known for her role in the independent film Trainspotting... more »

Benyoucef Benkhedda

Benyoucef Benkhedda was an Algerian politician. He headed the third GPRA exile government of the... more »

Balthazar Gerbier

Sir Balthazar Gerbier, was an Anglo-Dutch courtier, diplomat, art advisor, miniaturist and... more »

Karl Jaspers

Karl Theodor Jaspers was a German psychiatrist and philosopher who had a strong influence on... more »

Mike Kelly

Colonel Michael Joseph "Mike" Kelly AM is a former Australian Army legal officer and... more »

Digby Jephson

Digby Loder Armroid Jephson was a cricketer who played for Cambridge University and Surrey... more »

Leevi Lehto

Leevi Lehto, is a Finnish poet, translator, and programmer. Since he made his poetic debut in... more »

Mary Pat Gleason

Mary Pat Gleason is an American film and television actress. From 1983–85 she appeared on The... more »

Brad Whitford

Bradford Ernest "Brad" Whitford is one of the lead guitarists for the hard rock band Aerosmith. more »

Marie-Josée Croze

Marie-Josée Croze is a Canadian actress. She also holds French citizenship, which she obtained... more »

Antonio Fontanesi

Antonio Fontanesi was an Italian painter who lived in Meiji period Japan between 1876 and 1878... more »

John Converse Starkweather

John Converse Starkweather was a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. more »

Malik Hairston

Malik Samory Hairston is an American basketball player for Galatasaray Liv Hospital of the... more »

Arabella Churchill

Arabella Churchill was the mistress of King James II, and the mother of four of his children. more »

Joseph O'Neill

Joseph O'Neill is an Irish novelist and non-fiction writer. O'Neill's novel Netherland was... more »

John H. Vincent

John Heyl Vincent was an American Methodist Episcopal bishop. He was born at Tuscaloosa, Ala.,... more »

Bill Walker

William Herbert John "Bill" Walker OAM is a former Australian rules footballer who represented... more »

Richard Price

Richard Price was a Welsh moral philosopher and nonconformist preacher. He was also a political... more »

Alan Griffin

Alan Peter Griffin, an Australian politician, is an Australian Labor Party member of the... more »

Román Baldorioty de Castro

Román Baldorioty de Castro is noted as one of Puerto Rico's foremost abolitionists and spokesman... more »

Karl Robert Eduard von Hartmann

Karl Robert Eduard von Hartmann was a German philosopher. more »

George Montgomerie, 15th Earl of Eglinton

George Arnulph Montgomerie, 15th Earl of Eglinton, 3rd Earl of Winton was the third and youngest... more »

Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohl

Johann Baptist Emanuel Pohl was an Austrian botanist, entomologist, geologist, and physician. more »

Ralph Houser

Ralph Logan Houser was an officer in the United States Marine Corps. He was born in Iowa in 1914... more »

Francis Newport, 1st Earl of Bradford

Francis Newport, 1st Earl of Bradford PC, styled The Honourable between 1642 and 1651, was an... more »

Wayne Escoffery

Wayne Escoffery is a jazz saxophonist based in New York City. more »

William Eaton

William Eaton was a United States Army officer and the Consul to Tunis. He played an important... more »

Johnny Winter

John Dawson "Johnny" Winter III is an American blues guitarist, singer, and producer. Best known... more »

Jim Bray

Jim Bray was a competitive artistic roller skater. He went to Chaffey High school and graduated... more »

Ma Lik

Ma Lik, GBS, JP, was a Legislative Councillor, and was the Chairman of the Democratic Alliance... more »

Matthias Corvinus

Matthias Corvinus, also Matthias I, was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1458, King of Bohemia... more »

Darius J. Pearce

Darius James Pearce is a former Jersey politician. Pearce was born in the City of London. He was... more »

Tom Osborne

Thomas William "Tom" Osborne is an American football coach and politician from Nebraska. He was... more »

Cillian Sheridan

Cillian Sheridan is an Irish professional footballer who plays for APOEL in the Cypriot First... more »

Henry Dearborn

Henry Dearborn was an American physician, a statesman and a veteran of both the American... more »

Jakob Stämpfli

Jakob Stämpfli was a Swiss politician and member of the Swiss Federal Council. He was elected to... more »

Russell E. Dunham

Russell Dunham was an American World War II veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor. On... more »

Virginia Lamp Thomas

Virginia "Ginni" Lamp Thomas is an American attorney who is the founder of Liberty Consulting... more »

Howard Jones

Howard Jones is an English musician, singer and songwriter. He appeared at Live Aid in 1985. more »

Pia Kjærsgaard

Pia Merete Kjærsgaard is a Danish politician. She is a co-founder and former leader of the... more »

Margaret Young

Margaret Young was a popular singer and comedienne in the United States in the 1920s. more »

Cédric Makiadi

Mapuata Cédric Makiadi is a Congolese international footballer who plays professionally for... more »

Viktoras Biržiška

Viktoras Biržiška was a Lithuanian mathematician, engineer, journalist, and encyclopedist of... more »

John Wilson Campbell

John Wilson Campbell was a U.S. Representative from Ohio, and a United States federal... more »

Senjūrō Hayashi

Senjūrō Hayashi was an Imperial Japanese Army commander of the Chosen Army of Japan in Korea... more »

Albert Dyment

Albert Edward Dyment was a Canadian politician and businessman. Born at Lynden, County of... more »

Erich Kästner

Emil Erich Kästner was a German author, poet, screenwriter and satirist, known primarily for his... more »

Jiří Menzel

Jiří Menzel is a Czech film director, theatre director, actor, and screenwriter. His films often... more »

David Hunter

David Hunter was part of a lineage of Yorkshire County Cricket Club wicket-keepers, stretching... more »

Crown Prince Naruhito

Naruhito, Crown Prince of Japan is the eldest son of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, which... more »

Julius Fučík

Julius Fučík was a Czechoslovak journalist, an active member of Communist Party of... more »

Paul Tibbets

Paul Warfield Tibbets, Jr. was a brigadier general in the United States Air Force, best known as... more »

Agnes Arber

Agnes Robertson Arber FRS was a British plant morphologist and anatomist, historian of botany... more »

Evan Bates

Evan Bates is an American ice dancer. With partner Madison Chock, he is the 2013 Four Continents... more »