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100 people born today: May 11

Carleen Anderson

Carleen Anderson is an American soul singer, who has had success in the United Kingdom. She is... more »

Baldassarre Boncompagni

Prince Baldassarre Boncompagni-Ludovisi, was an Italian historian of mathematics and aristocrat. more »

Patrick O. Murphy

Patrick Oisin Murphy is an American politician, a former city councillor and formerly a Mayor of... more »

Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, Baron de Laune

Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, Baron de Laune was a French economist and statesman. A physiocrat,... more »

Marie-France Pisier

Marie-France Pisier was a French actress, screenwriter, and director. She appeared in numerous... more »

Martin Paterson

Martin Andrew Paterson is a professional footballer who plays for Huddersfield Town and the... more »

Hrishitaa Bhatt

Hrishitaa Bhatt is a film actress. more »

Eva-Maria Fitze

Eva-Maria Fitze is a German figure skater who competed in both ladies' singles and pairs. As a... more »

Hélio Castroneves

Hélio Castroneves is a Brazilian auto racing driver competing in the 2014 North American IndyCar... more »

Hans Jonas

Hans Jonas was a German-born philosopher who was, from 1955 to 1976, Alvin Johnson Professor of... more »


Zehira Darabid known by her artistic name Zaho is an Algerian R&B singer. more »

Gustav Stresemann

Gustav Stresemann was a German politician and statesman who served as Chancellor in 1923 and... more »

Jon Grayshon

Jon Grayshon is an English former rugby league player. Grayshon played for Featherstone Rovers... more »

Young MC

Marvin Young, better known by his stage name Young M.C., is an English-born American singer,... more »

Ella T. Grasso

Ella T. Grasso, a Democrat was an American politician, and the first woman elected governor of... more »

Bert Weedon

Herbert Maurice William 'Bert' Weedon, OBE was an English guitarist whose style of guitar... more »

James Gordon Bennett, Jr.

James Gordon Bennett, Jr. was publisher of the New York Herald, founded by his father, James... more »

James Shields

James Shields was an American politician and United States Army officer who was born in Altmore,... more »


Vajramuni was an actor in the Kannada film industry who acted in more than 300 movies. He died... more »

Brent Bommentre

Brent Bommentre is an American ice dancer. With partner Kimberly Navarro, he is the 2008 and... more »

Stuart Braithwaite

Stuart Leslie Braithwaite is a Scottish guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer and songwriter. He... more »

Andrew Card

Andrew Hill Card, Jr. is an American politician, former United States Cabinet member, and head... more »

James Reavis

James Addison Reavis, later using the name James Addison Peralta-Reavis, the so-called Baron of... more »

P. B. S. Pinchback

Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback was the first person of African-American descent to become... more »

Nancy Walker

Nancy Walker was an American actress and comedienne of stage, screen, and television. She was... more »

Alexander Braun

Alexander Carl Heinrich Braun was a German botanist from Regensburg, Bavaria. His research... more »

Ulf Dageby

Ulf Thorbjörn Dageby is a Swedish rock musician, singer and songwriter. Dageby is mostly known... more »

William Windom

William Windom was an American politician from Minnesota. He served as U.S. Representative from... more »

Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis CBE was a Welsh tenor. Born Thomas Thomas in Manchester to Welsh parents, Lewis... more »

Willie Person Mangum

Willie Person Mangum was a U.S. Senator from the state of North Carolina between 1831 and 1836... more »

Juha "Watt" Vainio

Juha Harri "Junnu" Vainio, also known as Juha "Watt" Vainio was a Finnish lyricist, singer,... more »

Arthur E. Nelson

Arthur Emanuel Nelson was an American lawyer and politician. He graduated from Macalester... more »

Denis Thatcher

Sir Denis Thatcher, 1st Baronet, MBE, TD was a British businessman, and the husband of the... more »

Pat Summerall

George Allen "Pat" Summerall was an American football player and television sportscaster, having... more »

William Henry Barlow

William Henry Barlow FRS FRSE FICE MIMechE was an English civil engineer of the 19th century,... more »

Matthew Lien

Matthew Carl Lien is a Yukon, Canada based world music singer-songwriter and producer. His... more »

Bill Gurley

Bill Gurley is a General Partner with Benchmark Capital.He joined Benchmark Capital in 1999... more »

Ding Yang

Ding Yang is a Chinese pair skater. She competed with Ren Zhongfei. They are the 2005 Chinese... more »

Mae Murray

Mae Murray was an American actress, dancer, film producer, and screenwriter. Murray rose to fame... more »

Abe Reles

Abe "Kid Twist" Reles was a New York mobster who was widely considered the most feared hit man... more »

William Phillips

William Phillips FGS FRS was an English mineralogist and geologist. Phillips was the son of... more »

George Steevens

George Steevens was an English Shakespearean commentator. He was born at Poplar, the son of a... more »

Emperor Fushimi

Emperor Fushimi was the 92nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession... more »

James Alan Holt

James Holt is a journalist and radio news reader, currently the Head of News at MNA... more »

Jean-Léon Gérôme

Jean-Léon Gérôme was a French painter and sculptor in the style now known as Academicism. The... more »

Donovan Leitch

Donovan is a Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist. He developed an eclectic and distinctive... more »

Denise Ho

Denise Ho Wan-Si, also known as HOCC, is a Hong Kong-based Cantopop singer. more »

Kim Jong-nam

Kim Jong-nam, is the eldest son of the late Kim Jong-il, former Leader of the Democratic... more »

Roberto Firpo

Roberto Firpo was an Argentine tango pianist, composer, and leader. Firpo was among the first... more »

Kikki Danielsson

Ann-Kristin "Kikki" Danielsson is a Swedish country, dansband and pop singer. Sometimes, she... more »

Anton Dostler

Anton Dostler was a general of the infantry in the regular German Army during World War II. In... more »

Vlada Divljan

Vladimir Divljan is a film score composer and an actor. more »

Rick Santorum

Richard John "Rick" Santorum is an American attorney and Republican Party politician. He served... more »

Bert Sutherland

William Robert "Bert" Sutherland, older brother of Ivan Sutherland, was the longtime manager of... more »

Charlie Athersmith

William Charles "Charlie" Athersmith was an English professional footballer who played as a... more »

Symon Petliura

Symon Vasylyovych Petliura was a publicist, writer, journalist, Ukrainian politician, statesman... more »

Antonieto Cabajog

Antonieto Dumagan Cabajog, often known as Bishop Yiet or Monsignor Yiet, is a Filipino Roman... more »

Daniel Bell

Daniel Bell was an American sociologist, writer, editor, and professor emeritus at Harvard... more »

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious, born John Simon Ritchie, was an English bass guitarist and vocalist most famous as... more »

Bernhard Horwitz

Bernhard Horwitz was a German English chess master and chess writer. Horwitz was born in... more »

Montgomery Blair

Montgomery Blair, the son of Francis Preston Blair, elder brother of Francis Preston Blair, Jr... more »

Eugen Schauman

Eugen Schauman was a Finnish nationalist and nobleman who assassinated the Governor-General... more »

Antonine Maillet

Antonine Maillet, PC CC OQ ONB FRSC is an Acadian novelist, playwright, and scholar. She was... more »

Raul Proença

Raul Proença was a Portuguese writer, journalist, and intellectual. Born in Caldas da Rainha,... more »

Reimond Stijns

Reimond Stijns was a Belgian writer. He started his professional career as a teacher in 1870,... more »

Chris Berman

Christopher James "Chris" Berman, also known by the nickname Boomer, is an American... more »

Louis-Nicolas Davout

Louis-Nicolas d'Avout, better known as Davout, 1st Duke of Auerstaedt, 1st Prince of Eckmühl,... more »

Alexander D. Goode

Alexander David Goode was a rabbi and a lieutenant in the United States Army. He was one of the... more »

Keith Murray

Keith Murray est Californien mais New-yorkais d'adoption. Il est le chanteur et guitariste des... more »

Jacques Nicolas Augustin Thierry

Augustin Thierry was a French historian. He was born in Blois, Loir-et-Cher, the elder brother... more »

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson is a member of futurepop duo VNV Nation, along with Ronan Harris. He is responsible... more »

Al Murray

Alastair James Hay "Al" Murray, is an English comedian and TV personality best known by his... more »

Valentina Grizodubova

Valentina Stepanovna Grizodubova was one of the first female pilots in the Soviet Union and was... more »

Gaétan Boucher

Gaétan T. Boucher, OC, CQ is a former speed skating Olympic champion from Canada. more »

Anders Ljungqvist

Anders Ljungqvist, also known as "Gås-Anders", was a Swedish fiddler from Björklinge in Uppland... more »

Dima Grigoriev

Dima Grigoriev is a mathematician. His research interests include algebraic geometry, symbolic... more »

Einar Gerhardsen

Einar Henry Gerhardsen was a Norwegian politician from the Labour Party of Norway. He was Prime... more »

Dimitri Tiomkin

Dimitri Zinovievich Tiomkin was a Russian-born Hollywood film score composer and conductor... more »

Rüştü Reçber

Rüştü Reçber is a retired Turkish international footballer who has played for Antalyaspor,... more »

Philip Harper

Philip Harper is a jazz trumpeter. Harper grew up in Atlanta and studied music there. He later... more »

Koos Du Plessis

Jacobus Johannes du Plessis was a prominent South African singer-songwriter and poet,... more »

Johan Zoutman

Johan Arnold Zoutman was a Dutch naval figure and Rear Admiral who fought at the Battle of... more »

Hugo Banzer

Hugo Banzer Suárez was a politician, military general, dictator and President of Bolivia. He... more »

Heydar Aliyev

Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev or Geydar Aliev, also spelled Haydar Aliev or Geidar Aliev was the... more »

Rhona Bennett

Rhona Bennett is an American singer, actress and model, best known for her recurring role as... more »

Dave Mason

David Thomas "Dave" Mason is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Worcester, who... more »

Yuri Baskakov

Yuri Valeryevich Baskakov is a former Russian football referee. He refereed games in Champions... more »

Milton Babbitt

Milton Byron Babbitt was an American composer, music theorist, and teacher. He is particularly... more »


Paul David Hewson, known by his stage name Bono, is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician,... more »

James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce

James Bryce, 1st Viscount Bryce OM GCVO PC FRS FBA was a British academic, jurist, historian and... more »

Karl Barth

Karl Barth was a Swiss Reformed theologian. Barth is often regarded as the greatest Protestant... more »

Madeleine Sami

Madeleine Nalini Sami is a New Zealand actress, comedian and musician. Madeleine was raised in... more »

Hendrik Zwaardemaker

Hendrik Zwaardemaker was a Dutch scientist who invented the olfactometer in 1888. From 1897 to... more »

Carl Albert

Carl Bert Albert was a lawyer and a Democratic American politician from Oklahoma. Albert... more »

Vladislav Listyev

Vladislav Nikolayevich Listyev was a Russian journalist and head of the ORT TV Channel. more »

Scott Brison

Scott A. Brison, PC, MP is a Canadian politician from Nova Scotia, Canada. Brison has been the... more »

Yukteswar Giri

Yukteswar Giri is the monastic name of Priya Nath Karar, the guru of Satyananda Giri and... more »

George Ross

George Ross was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of... more »

Aviv Geffen

אביב גפן (נולד ב-10 במאי 1973) הוא זמר-יוצר, מוזיקאי, מלחין, פזמונאי ומפיק מוזיקלי ישראלי. גפן... more »

Arnold Rüütel

Arnold Rüütel OIH served as the last Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the... more »

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