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100 people born today: July 8

Tricia Brock

Patricia Elaine "Tricia" Baumhardt is an American contemporary Christian singer-songwriter... more »

Beau Brummell

George Bryan "Beau" Brummell was an iconic figure in Regency England, the arbiter of men's... more »

Liv Grete Skjelbreid Poirée

Liv Grete Skjelbreid Poirée from Hålandsdal, Fusa, near the city of Bergen in western Norway, is... more »

Jakub Wawrzyniak

Jakub Wawrzyniak is a Polish footballer currently playing as a defender for Russian Premier... more »

Joe Zawinul

Josef Erich "Joe" Zawinul was an Austrian jazz keyboardist and composer. First coming to... more »

Joseph Marie Jacquard

Joseph Marie Charles dit Jacquard was a French weaver and merchant. He played an important role... more »

Doc Gynéco

Doc Gynéco is a popular French hip hop artist of Guadeloupean origin. His music is typically... more »

Prince Karl Theodor of Bavaria

Prince Karl Theodor of Bavaria was a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty. He was the second son... more »

Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel

Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel KG, was a prominent English courtier during the reigns of... more »

Michael Howard

Michael Howard, Baron Howard of Lympne, CH, PC, QC is a British politician who served as the... more »

Henry Joseph Clarke

Henry Joseph Clarke, who sometimes used the middle names Hynes and O'Connell, was a lawyer and... more »

Dick Armey

Richard Keith "Dick" Armey is a former U.S. Representative from Texas' 26th congressional... more »

Princess Purnika of Nepal

Princess Purnika Rajya Laxmi Devi of Nepal is the eldest daughter of Paras, former Crown Prince... more »

Timo Pielmeier

Timo Pielmeier is a German ice hockey goaltender, currently playing with ERC Ingolstadt of the... more »

Ludwig Fulda

Ludwig Anton Salomon Fulda was a German playwright and a poet with a strong social commitment... more »

George Suggs

George Franklin Suggs was a major league baseball pitcher. Suggs made his major league debut on... more »

László Tisza

László Tisza was Professor of Physics Emeritus at MIT. He was a colleague of famed physicists... more »

Howard Rheingold

Howard Rheingold appeared in the Home Page documentary film. more »

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr MBE is an English musician, singer, songwriter and actor who gained worldwide fame... more »

Toivo Kuula

Toivo Timoteus Kuula was a Finnish conductor and composer. He was born in the city of Vaasa,... more »

Kim Jong-Chun

Kim Jong-Chun is a South Korean football player, who currently plays for amateur side Yongin... more »

Marko Tušek

Marko Tušek is a Slovenian basketball player. more »

C. J. Ah You

Charles "C. J." Ah You, Jr. is an American football defensive end, currently a free agent, who... more »

Povilas Lukšys

Povilas Lukšys is a Lithuanian footballer who plays for the Latvian Higher League club Daugava... more »

Henri Alphonse Barnoin

Henri Alphonse Barnoin was a French painter born in Paris. Although he initially studied with... more »

Donnie Jones

Donnie Jones is an American college basketball coach and former college basketball player. Jones... more »

Elizabeth of Hungary

Elizabeth of Hungary, T.O.S.F., was a princess of the Kingdom of Hungary, Landgravine of... more »

Terry O'Sullivan

Terry O'Sullivan was an American actor, best known for his role on the soap opera Search for... more »

Imogen Bailey

Imogen Bailey is an Australian model, actress and singer. She is currently based in Los Angeles... more »

William Feller

William "Vilim" Feller, born Vilibald Srećko Feller, was a Croatian-American mathematician... more »

Tony Mills

Tony Mills is an English rock singer, best known for his work with Shy and TNT. Hailing from... more »

Marcus Vest

Seven Aurelius born Marcus Vest, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer most noted for... more »

John Leverett

John Leverett was an English colonial magistrate, merchant, soldier and governor of the... more »

Earle E. Partridge

Earle Everard "Pat" Partridge was a 4-star General in the United States Air Force and a Command... more »

Chris Davies

Christopher Graham Davies is a Liberal Democrat politician in the United Kingdom. He is a former... more »

Krzysztof Skiba

Krzysztof Skiba is a Polish musician, song writer, satirist, essayist and actor. In 1983... more »

George W. Joy

George William Joy was an Irish painter in London. more »

Charles Kingsmill

Admiral Sir Charles Edmund Kingsmill was the first director of the Department of the Naval... more »

Tadamichi Kuribayashi

General Tadamichi Kuribayashi was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army, part-time writer,... more »

Jerry Sherk

Jerry Martin Sherk is a former American football defensive tackle who played for the Cleveland... more »

Vonda Shepard

Vonda Shepard is an American pop/rock singer. She appeared as a regular in the television show... more »

Biljana Plavšić

Biljana Plavšić is a former president of Republika Srpska and convicted war criminal. She is the... more »

Berry Sakharof

Berry Sakharof is an Israeli rock guitarist, songwriter and singer. Sakharof is one of Israel's... more »

Chris Reed

Chris Reed is an American-Japanese ice dancer who currently represents Japan. With his sister... more »

Rami Fortis

Rami Fortis, or simply Fortis, is an Israeli rock singer. Born in Tel Aviv, Fortis became known... more »

William Kunstler

William Moses Kunstler was an American self-described "radical lawyer" and civil rights... more »

Luigi Chiarelli

Luigi Chiarelli was an Italian playwright, theatre critic, and writer of short stories who is... more »

Chris Lowery

Chris Lowery is an American college basketball coach currently serving as an assistant coach at... more »

José María Eguren

José María Eguren Rodríguez was a Peruvian writer. Although principally known for his poetry,... more »

Manuel Chaves González

Manuel Chaves González is a Spanish politician of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party. Since... more »

Richard Taylor

Richard Thomas Taylor FRCP is an English doctor and politician. He served as an Independent... more »

Eddie Romero

Edgar Sinco Romero was an influential Filipino film director, film producer and screenwriter,... more »

James E. Campbell

James Edwin Campbell was a Democratic politician from Ohio. He served as the 38th Governor of... more »

Andrzej Kubica

Andrzej Kubica is a former Polish football player He played in Poland, France, Israel and Japan... more »

A. Victor Donahey

Alvin Victor Donahey was a Democratic Party politician from Ohio. Donahey was the 50th Governor... more »

Michelle Kwan

Michelle Wingshan Kwan is a retired American figure skater. She is a two-time Olympic medalist,... more »

Montague Miller

Montague David "Monty" Miller, born 7 July 1839 at in Van Diemen's Land, was an Australian... more »

Amon Akilbaev

Amon Akilbaev is a painter from the Chinese city of Tacheng, Xinjiang. His parents moved to... more »

Juan Liscano

Juan Liscano Velutini was a Venezuelan poet, folklorist, writer and critic. Director of Monte... more »

Rosa Aguilar

Joaquina Rosa Aguilar Rivero is a Spanish politician. She has been the mayor of Córdoba since... more »

Alistair Potts

Alistair James Potts is a British World Champion cox. Educated at Winchester College and the... more »

Sean O'Connor

Sean O'Connor is an English professional footballer, who currently plays for Hednesford... more »

Ádám Tóth

Ádám Tóth is a Hungarian ice dancer. He competes with Krisztina Barta. They are the 2008... more »

Mary Ford

Mary Ford, born Iris Colleen Summers, was an American vocalist and guitarist, comprising half of... more »

Abraham Cahan

Abraham "Abe" Cahan was a Lithuanian-born Jewish-American socialist newspaper editor, novelist,... more »

Gyanendra of Nepal

Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev was the King of Nepal from 1950 to 1951 and again 2001 to 2005. He... more »

Emil Hübner

Emil Hübner was a German classical scholar. He was born at Düsseldorf, the son of the historical... more »

Thomas Wilde, 1st Baron Truro

Thomas Wilde, 1st Baron Truro PC, was a British lawyer, judge and politician. He was Lord... more »

Gertrude Blom

Gertrude "Trudi" Duby Blom was a Swiss journalist, social anthropologist, and documentary... more »

F B J Kuiper

Franciscus Bernardus Jacobus Kuiper was a distinguished scholar in Indology, and "one of the... more »

Tingye Li

Dr. Tingye Li was a Chinese-American scientist in the fields of microwaves, lasers and optical... more »

George Graham

George Graham was an English clockmaker, inventor, and geophysicist, and a Fellow of the Royal... more »

Doc Severinsen

Carl Hilding "Doc" Severinsen is an American pop and jazz trumpeter. He is best known for... more »

David Fullmer

David Fullmer was an American politician, church leader, and farmer, born in Chillisquaque,... more »

Bill Oddie

William Edgar "Bill" Oddie OBE is an English author, actor, comedian, artist, naturalist and... more »

Patrick Lalime

Patrick Lalime is a Canadian professional ice hockey broadcaster and former player. Lalime... more »

Dennis Rea

Dennis Rea is an American guitarist and music event organizer currently living in Seattle. Rea... more »

Jácome Ratton

Jacques, alias Jácome Ratton was a Franco-Portuguese businessman, who was a leading figure in... more »

Peter II, Duke of Brittany

Peter II, was Duke of Brittany, Count of Montfort and titular earl of Richmond, from 1450 to his... more »

Fyfe Dangerfield

Fyfe Antony Dangerfield Hutchins is an English musician and songwriter, best known as the... more »

Ransom B. Shelden, Sr.

Ransom Bird Shelden, Sr. was the founder of Houghton, a city in the county of Houghton, Michigan. more »

Alex Revell

Alexander David "Alex" Revell is an English football striker who plays for Rotherham United. more »

Christian Camargo

Christian Camargo is an American film, television, and stage actor, producer, writer, and... more »

Félicien Rops

Félicien Rops was a Belgian artist, known primarily as a printmaker in etching and aquatint. more »

Miriam Coles Harris

Miriam Coles Harris was an American novelist. She wrote several novels, a book of children's... more »

Warren Johnson

Warren Johnson is an NHRA drag racing driver. He is the driver with the most wins in pro stock... more »

Edward Carter Preston

Edward Carter Preston was an English artist, born in Liverpool. He was a renowned sculptor and... more »

Joílson Rodrigues Macedo

Joílson Rodrigues Macedo or simply Joílson, is a Brazilian right back. He currently plays for... more »

Jeff VanderMeer

Jeffrey Scott VanderMeer is an American writer, editor, teacher, and publisher. He has won the... more »

Ezzard Charles

Ezzard Mack Charles was an American professional boxer and former World Heavyweight... more »

Jorja Fox

Jorja-An Fox is an American actress, musician and songwriter. She first came to prominence as a... more »

Julien Doré

Julien Doré is a French singer, winner of the fifth season of the television show Nouvelle Star,... more »

Patricia Hitchcock

Patricia "Pat" Hitchcock O'Connell is an English actress and producer. She is the only child of... more »

James Getzlaff

James Getzlaff is an American reality television participant and actor. He is best known as the... more »


Barry Adrian Reese, better known by his stage name Cassidy, is an American hip hop recording... more »

Isabella Ingram-Seymour-Conway, Marchioness of Hertford

Isabella Anne Seymour-Conway, Marchioness of Hertford was an English courtier and mistress of... more »

Gian Carlo Menotti

Gian Carlo Menotti was an Italian-American composer and librettist. Although he often referred... more »

Ilan Rubin

Ilan Rubin is a American multi-instrumentalist, who is known primarily for playing drums with... more »

Jerry Weller

Gerald C. "Jerry" Weller is an American politician who was a Republican member of the U.S. House... more »

Lisa Leslie

Lisa Deshaun Leslie-Lockwood is a former American professional women's basketball player who... more »