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Abd al-Qadir Maraghi

Abd al-Qadir al-Maraghi b. Ghaybi, was a Persian musician and artist. According to the... more »

Alphons Diepenbrock

Alphonsus Johannes Maria Diepenbrock was a Dutch composer, essayist and classicist. more »

Anthony Philip Heinrich

Anthony Philip Heinrich was the first "full-time" American composer, and the most prominent... more »

August Bungert

Friedrich August Bungert was a German opera composer and poet. more »

August Gottfried Ritter

August Gottfried Ritter was a German romantic composer and organist. more »

August Jaeger

August Jaeger was an Anglo-German music publisher, who developed a close friendship with the... more »

August Wilhelm Ambros

August Wilhelm Ambros was an Austrian composer and music historian of Czech descent. more »

Augusta Holmès

Augusta Mary Anne Holmès was a French composer of Irish descent. At first she published under... more »

Auguste Franchomme

Auguste-Joseph Franchomme was a French cellist and composer. Born in Lille, Franchomme studied... more »

Auguste Mathieu Panseron

Auguste Mathieu Panseron was a French composer and voice teacher. more »

Auguste Mermet

Auguste Mermet was a French opera composer. more »

Augusto Bracca

Augusto Bracca was a Venezuelan folk composer. Bracca was born in Trinidad de Orichuna, Apure... more »

Axel Bergstedt

Axel Bergstedt is a German conductor and composer currently living in Brazil. He lived in front... more »

Axel Grandjean

Axel Carl William Grandjean was a Danish composer and conductor. He was one of the first... more »

Brun Campbell

Brun Campbell was an American composer and pianist. more »

Ciarán Farrell

Ciarán Farrell is an Irish composer who has been active in his field since graduating from... more »

Dmitri Capyrin

Dmitri Capyrin is a Russian composer of contemporary classical music. He graduated from Lviv... more »

Dobri Chintulov

Dobri Petrov Chintulov was a Bulgarian poet, teacher and composer of the Bulgarian National... more »

Ebbe Grims-land

Ebbe Grims-land is a Swedish composer and viola player. He is also one of Sweden's foremost... more »

Edd Kalehoff

Edward Woodley "Edd" Kalehoff is a music composer who specializes in compositions for television. more »


Egardus was a European composer of music in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries... more »

F.L.Æ. Kunzen

Friedrich Ludwig Æmilius Kunzen was a German composer and conductor who lived and worked for... more »

Fabritio Caroso

Fabritio Caroso da Sermoneta was an Italian Renaissance dancing master and a composer or... more »

Faramarz Payvar

Master Farāmarz Pāyvar was an Iranian composer and santur player. Payvar died on December 9,... more »

Federico Maria Sardelli

Federico Maria Sardelli is an Italian conductor, Historicist composer, musicologist and... more »