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Aadnya Borkar

Aadnya Borkar, is an Indian figure skater currently living and practicing in Oman. She is... more »


Abar was a Nubian queen dated to the Twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt. more »

Abbakka Rani

Rani Abbakka Chowta was the Queen of Ullal who fought the Portuguese in the latter half of the... more »

Ama Agbeze

Ama Agbeze is an English international netball player. Agbeze plays in the goal defence and goal... more »

Amy Ridenour

Amy Moritz Ridenour, president of the National Center for Public Policy Research, a Washington,... more »

Ara Wilson

Ara Wilson is a university professor and author. Her work focuses on the feminist ethnography of... more »

Audrey F. Manley

Audrey Forbes Manley an American pediatrician, and public health administrator. She was... more »

Augusta of Treviso

Saint Augusta of Treviso, also known as Augusta of Ceneda, Augusta of Tarvisium, or Augusta of... more »

Auguste Strobl

Auguste Strobl was a German beauty of the 19th century. The daughter of a royal chief... more »

Auli Hakulinen

Auli Talvikki Hakulinen is a Finnish researcher and professor emerita. She worked as professor... more »

Áurea Cruz

Áurea Cruz is a female volleyball player from Puerto Rico, who competed for the Women's National... more »

Aurea of Ostia

Saint Aurea of Ostia is venerated as the patron saint of Ostia. According to one scholar,... more »

Aurelia Cotta

Aurelia Cotta or Aurelia was the mother of Roman dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. more »

Aurora Karamzina

Eva Aurora Charlotta Karamzin, was a Finnish Swede philanthropist. She was the founder and... more »

Azucena Berrutti

Azucena Berrutti, a famous lawyer and Uruguayan politician, she was the National Defence... more »

Barbara Finn

Barbara Finn, Neurocrine Biosciences' Vice President Regulatory Affairs Quality... more »

Barbara Jay

Barbara Jay is a British jazz singer. Barbara Jay grew up in a musical family, her father... more »

Barbara Lauwers

Barbara Lauwers, later known as Barbara Lauwers Podoski, was a corporal in the Women’s Army... more »

Barbora Silná

Barbora Silná is a Czech ice dancer who currently competes for Austria. She previously competed... more »

Bianca Chatfield

Bianca Lee Chatfield is an Australian netball player. In 2001, she was selected for the... more »


Cacamacihuatl was a Queen of Tenochtitlan as a wife of the King Huitzilihuitl. She was a mother... more »

Christine Philip

Christine Philip is a designer. She is known for her Indo-Western 'fusion' clothing and jewelry... more »


Coccinelle was a French transsexual actress and entertainer. Hers was the first widely... more »

Cynthia Ann Parker

Cynthia Ann Parker, or Naduah, was an American who was captured and kidnapped at the age of nine... more »

D. Dudley Bloom

D. Dudley Bloom is an American businessman who made notable contributions to the consumer... more »