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Aafje Heynis

Aafje Heynis is a Dutch contralto. In 1961, she was awarded the Harriet Cohen International... more »

Aage Kvalbein

Aage Kvalbein is a Norwegian cellist and a professor in cello at the Norwegian Academy of Music... more »

Ace Brigode

Athos C. Brigode was a United States dance band leader who enjoyed his greatest popularity in... more »

Adèle Anderson

Adèle Anderson is a trans-gendered Olivier Award-nominated singer and actress, best known as one... more »

Al Berard

Al Berard is a Cajun musician, recording artist, and composer in addition to being considered a... more »

Aoife Mulholland

Aoife Mulholland is an Irish actress and musical theatre performer from Salthill, Galway. Aoife... more »

Ara Malikian

Ara Malikian is a Lebanese violinist of Armenian descent. more »

Arabella Goddard

Arabella Goddard was an English pianist of great renown in the middle to late 19th century. She... more »

Augustus Stephen Vogt

Augustus Stephen Vogt was a German Canadian organist, choral conductor, music educator, composer... more »


Didier Awadi is a Senegalese rapper and the most visible figure of Francophone West African Hip... more »

Azusa Plane

The Azusa Plane was the psychedelic music recording and performance project of Jason DiEmilio of... more »

Baaba Maal

Baaba Maal is a Senegalese singer and guitarist born in Podor, on the Senegal River. He is well... more »

Barbara Dane

Barbara Dane is an American folk, blues, and jazz singer. more »

Bubba Brooks

David Kenneth Brooks, Jr., better known as Bubba Brooks or Bubber Brooks was an American jazz... more »

Bystrík Režucha

Bystrík Režucha was a Slovak conductor. He is a former chief conductor of the Slovak... more »

Cachao López

Israel "Cachao" López, often known as Cachao, was a Cuban musician and composer who helped... more »

Cacho Castaña

Cacho Castaña is a singer and actor. more »

Carrie Akre

Carrie Akre is a musician best known for her work with Seattle underground bands Hammerbox and... more »

Ciwan Haco

Ciwan Haco is a Kurdish singer. He was born near Qamishlo in Syria. His grandfather was... more »

Coco Lee

Coco Lee is a Hong Kong-born American singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer and actress... more »

Coco Love Alcorn

Coco Love Alcorn is a Canadian pop and jazz singer. The daughter of jazz singer John Alcorn, she... more »

Cæcilie Norby

Cæcilie Norby is a Danish jazz and rock singer. She was born in Frederiksberg into a musical... more »


Daan est un groupe de musique belge et un projet solo de Daan Stuyven qui a fait partie de Dead... more »

Di Leva

Thomas Di Leva, birth name Sven Thomas Magnusson, is a Swedish singer-songwriter and a New... more »

Dobet Gnahoré

Dobet Gnahoré is a singer from the Côte d'Ivoire. She settled in Marseille in 1999 due to the... more »