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Eberhard Rees

Eberhard Friedrich Michael Rees was a German-American rocketry pioneer and the second director... more »

Eberhardt Rechtin

Eberhardt Rechtin was an American systems engineer and respected authority in aerospace systems... more »

Ed Heinemann

Edward Henry Heinemann, was a noted military aircraft designer for the Douglas Aircraft Company. more »

Edgar Bolden

Edgar Bolden was an American fighter aircraft pilot and one of the original Tuskegee Airmen... more »

Edgar Percival

Edgar Wikner Percival was a noted Australian aircraft designer and pilot whose aircraft were... more »

Edgar Schmued

Edgar O. Schmued, German-American aircraft designer was famed for his design of the iconic North... more »

Edmond Angelo

Edmund Angelo was an American theatre and film producer. He worked in the New York stage and... more »

Édouard Joly

Édouard Joly, born in Burgundy in 1898, deceased in 1982 was a French aeroplane designer best... more »

Edward A. Murphy, Jr.

Edward Aloysius Murphy, Jr. was an American aerospace engineer who worked on safety-critical... more »

Edward J. Ruppelt

Edward J. Ruppelt was a United States Air Force officer probably best known for his involvement... more »

Edward Pearson Warner

Edward Pearson Warner was an American pioneer in aviation and a teacher in aeronautical... more »

Elie Carafoli

Elie Carafoli was an accomplished Romanian engineer and aircraft designer. He is considered a... more »

Elon Musk

Elon R. Musk is a South African-born, Canadian-American business magnate, inventor, and... more »

Elsie MacGill

Elizabeth Muriel Gregory "Elsie" MacGill, OC, known as the "Queen of the Hurricanes", was the... more »

Engelbert Zaschka

Engelbert Zaschka was a German chief engineer, chief designer and inventor. more »

Enrico Forlanini

Enrico Forlanini was an Italian engineer, inventor and aeronautical pioneer, well known for his... more »

Ernest Rivera Sanchez

Ernest Rivera Sanchez was an aerospace engineer and father of actor Paul Sand. more »

Ernst Geissler

Ernst Geissler was a German-American aerospace engineer. After World War II, he came to the... more »

Ernst Heinkel

Dr. Ernst Heinkel was a German aircraft designer, manufacturer, Wehrwirtschaftsführer in the... more »

Ernst Stuhlinger

Ernst Stuhlinger was a German-born American atomic, electrical, and rocket scientist. After... more »

Eugen Sänger

Eugen Sänger was an Austrian aerospace engineer best known for his contributions to lifting body... more »

Eugene Michael Gluhareff

Eugene Michael Gluhareff was born in Petrograd, Russia and moved to the United states in the... more »

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