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R. J. Mitchell

Reginald Joseph Mitchell CBE, FRAeS, was a British aeronautical engineer, working for... more »

Richard Pearse

Richard William Pearse was a New Zealand farmer and inventor who performed pioneering... more »

Richard Schreder

Richard E. Schreder was an American naval aviator and sailplane developer, responsible for... more »

Richard T. Whitcomb

Richard T. Whitcomb was an American aeronautical engineer noted for his significant... more »

Rick Freuler

Dr. Richard "Rick" J. Freuler is a professor and coordinator of the Fundamentals of Engineering... more »

Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn, OBE, FRAeS was an English aviation pioneer and the founder of Blackburn... more »

Robert H. Goddard

Robert Hutchings Goddard was an American professor, physicist, and inventor who is credited with... more »

Robert Kronfeld

Squadron Leader Robert Kronfeld, AFC, was an Austrian-born gliding champion and sailplane... more »

Robert Ludvigovich Bartini

Robert Ludvigovich Bartini was an Italian aircraft designer and scientist. Active mostly in the... more »

Robert Lusser

Robert Lusser was a German engineer, aircraft designer and aviator. He is remembered both for... more »

Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy is an aerospace engineer. more »

Robert R. Gilruth

Robert Rowe Gilruth was an American aviation and space pioneer. He is noted for being the first... more »

Robert Thomas Jones

Robert T. Jones, was an aerodynamicist and aeronautical engineer for NACA and later NASA. He was... more »

Rolf Dudley-Williams

Sir Rolf Dudley Dudley-Williams, 1st Baronet was a British aeronautical engineer and... more »

Ron Ayers

Ronald Ayers, MBE is an English engineer who was responsible for the aerodynamics of the land... more »

Rostislav Alexeyev

Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeyev was a designer of highspeed shipbuilding. He invented and... more »

Roy Chadwick

Roy Chadwick, CBE, FRAeS was an aircraft designer for the Avro Company. Born at Marsh Hall Farm,... more »

Roy Fedden

Sir Alfred Hubert Roy Fedden MBE, FRAeS was an engineer who designed most of Bristol Engine... more »

Roy Jones, Sr.

Roy Jones, Sr. was a club fighter and aircraft engineer. more »

Rudolf Fizir

Rudolf Fizir was an airplane constructor. He designed at least 18 original planes, some... more »

Rudolf Kaiser

Rudolf Kaiser was a designer of gliders who worked for Alexander Schleicher GmbH & Co. The... more »

Ryszard Bartel

Ryszard Bartel was a Polish engineer, aircraft designer and aviator, one of Poland's aviation... more »

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