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Camilla Alfieri

Camilla Alfieri is an alpine skier. more »

Carlo Janka

Carlo Janka is a champion alpine ski racer from Switzerland. Born in Obersaxen in the canton of... more »

Carmen Casanova

Carmen Casanova is an alpine skier. more »

Carolina Ruiz Castillo

Carolina Ruiz Castillo is an alpine skier. more »

Casey Puckett

Casey Puckett is an alpine skier. more »

Celina Seghi

Celina Seghi is a former Italian alpine skier. Born in Abetone, she was the youngest child in a... more »

Chelsea Marshall

Chelsea Marshall is an alpine skier. more »

Chemmy Alcott

Chimene "Chemmy" Mary Alcott is a former British World Cup alpine ski racer. She competed in all... more »

Chiara Costazza

Chiara Costazza is an Italian Alpine skier. She was born in Cavalese, Trentino, and resides in... more »

Chirine Njeim

Chirine Njeim is a Lebanese alpine skier. She represented Lebanon in the 2002, 2006 and the 2010... more »

Chris Davenport

Chris Davenport, of Aspen, Colorado, is considered one of the world's most accomplished big... more »

Christina Geiger

Christina Geiger is an alpine skier. more »

Christina Staudinger

Christina Staudinger is freestyle skier. more »

Christof Innerhofer

Christof Innerhofer is an Italian World Cup alpine ski racer, the 2011 world champion in... more »

Christoph Alster

Christoph Alster is an alpine skier. more »

Christoph Gruber

Christoph Gruber is an Austrian alpine skier competing in all World Cup disciplines except... more »

Christoph Noesig

Christoph Noesig is an alpine skier. more »

Christophe Roux

Christophe Roux is an alpine skier representing Moldova. He competed for Moldova at the 2010... more »

Christopher Papamichalopoulos

Christopher Papamichalopoulos is an alpine skier from Cyprus. He competed for Cyprus at the 2010... more »

Claire Dautherives

Claire Dautherives is an alpine skier. more »

Claude Crétier

Claude Crétier is a French former alpine skier who competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics. more »

Claudia Lösch

Claudia Lösch is a successful Austrian Paralympian and Alpine Monoskier. She won gold medals in... more »

Cody Marshall

Cody Marshall is an alpine skier. more »

Connor O'Brien

Connor Olev Martin O'Brien is a former Canadian alpine skier who represented Great Britain in... more »

Cornel Zueger

Cornel Zueger is an alpine skier. more »

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