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Abraham Lubelski

Abraham Lubelski is an American contemporary artist and founder of NYArts Magazine, also known... more »

Achille Bonito Oliva

Achille Bonito Oliva is a recognized and respected Italian contemporary art critic, author of... more »

Adam Baruch

Adam Baruch was an Israeli journalist, newspaper editor, writer and art critic. more »

Adolph Goldschmidt

Adolph Goldschmidt was a Jewish German art historian. He was born in Hamburg. After a short... more »

Adrian Maurice Daintrey

Adrian Daintrey was born in Wandsworth, London in 1902. Studied at the Slade School of Fine Art... more »

Adrian Searle

Adrian Searle, born 1953 in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, is the chief art critic of The... more »

Albert Aurier

G. Albert Aurier was a poet, art critic and painter, devoted to Symbolism. more »

Aleksandr Kamensky

Aleksandr Abramovich Kamensky was a Soviet art critic and art historian. He has written and... more »

Alfonso Gatto

Alfonso Gatto was an Italian author. Along with Giuseppe Ungaretti and Eugenio Montale, he is... more »

Allan Antliff

Allan W. Antliff is an anarchist activist, art critic and author who has written extensively on... more »

Anatol Stern

Anatol Stern was a Polish poet, writer and art critic. Born October 24, 1899 to an assimilated... more »

André Roger Lannes de Montebello

André Roger Lannes de Montebello was the father of Philippe de Montebello. more »

André Salmon

André Salmon was a French poet, art critic and writer. He was one of the defenders of cubism,... more »

Andrew Graham-Dixon

Andrew Michael Graham-Dixon is a British art historian and broadcaster. more »

Anna Suvorova

Anna A. Suvorova is a Russian Orientalist and art critic. She is bilingual in Russian and Urdu. more »

Anthony Haden-Guest

Anthony Haden-Guest is a British-American writer, reporter, cartoonist, art critic, poet, and... more »

Antonello Trombadori

Antonello Trombadori was an Italian politician, art critic and journalist. Born in Rome into a... more »

Ariella Budick

Ariella Budick is an art critic and the wife of art critic Justin Davidson. more »

Arlene Raven

Arlene Raven was a feminist art historian, author, critic, educator, and curator. Raven was a... more »

Armand Dayot

Armand Dayot, was a French art critic, art historian and leftist politician. He was born in... more »

Arthur Danto

Arthur Coleman Danto was an American art critic and philosopher. He is best known for having... more »

Aydin Aghdashloo

Aydin Aghdashloo is an ethnic Azerbaijani Iranian painter, author, art critic, art historian and... more »

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