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Greg Penny

Greg Penny is an American record producer, recording engineer, mixing engineer, musician,... more »

Greg Picard

Greg Picard is a boom operator, a sound editor, a sound mixer and an actor. more »

Greg ten Bosch

Greg ten Bosch is a sound engineer. more »

Greg Vossberg

Greg Vossberg is a film sound department member. more »

Gregg Field

Gregg Field is a drummer and an engineer/mixer and a record producer. more »

Gregg Landaker

Gregg Landaker is a film sound re-recording mixer. more »

Gregg Rudloff

Gregg Rudloff is an American sound engineer. He has won two Academy Awards for Best Sound and... more »

Gregor Bonse

Gregor Bonse is a film sound engineer. more »

Gregory Cheever

Gregory Cheever is an audio engineer. more »

Gregory H. Watkins

Gregory H. Watkins is an American sound engineer. He won an Academy Award for Best Sound and has... more »

Grzegorz Lindemann

Grzegorz Lindemann is an audio engineer, sound editor and mixer. more »

Guido Baldacin

Guido Baldacin is a Latin Grammy winner audio engineer. more »

Guilherme Canaes

Guilherme Canaes is a Latin Grammy-winning audio engineer. more »

Guilherme Reis

Guilherme Reis is an audio engineer and mixer. more »

Guillaume Le Bras

Guillaume Le Bras is a person who appeared in the 2009 documentary film "The Thorn in the Heart". more »

Günther Stadelmann

Günther Stadelmann is a sound crew and an audio engineer. more »

Guntis Sics

Guntis Sics is a film sound recordist. more »

Gustavo "Pichon" Dal Pont

Gustavo "Pichon" Dal Pont is a Latin Grammy nominated audio engineer and mixing engineer. more »

Gustavo Borner

Gustavo Borner is a Latin Grammy Award winning audio engineer. more »

Gustavo Celis

Gustavo Celis is an award-winning music engineer, mixer and producer. He has worked with many... more »

Gustavo Gama Rodrigues

Gustavo Gama Rodrigues is an audio engineer. more »

Gwendolyn Yates Whittle

Gwendolyn Yates Whittle is a sound editor and audio engineer. more »

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