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Michael Hedges

Michael Hedges appeared in the 2010 documentary film The Making of King Kong 360 3D. more »

Michael Herbick

Michael Herbick is an American sound engineer. He has been nominated for five Academy Awards in... more »

Michael Hinreiner

Michael Hinreiner is a film sound mixer, sound editor and music editor. more »

Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman is an audio engineer. more »

Michael Ilbert

Michael Ilbert is a recording engineer and a sound mixer. more »

Michael J. Kohut

Michael J. Kohut was an American sound engineer. He was nominated for seven Academy Awards in... more »

Michael Jiron

Michael Jiron is a re-recording mixer. more »

Michael Kaczmarek

. more »

Michael Keller

Michael Keller is an audio engineer. more »

Michael Kohler

Michael Kohler is a composer, music producer and sound engineer who has composed music for... more »

Michael Krikorian

Michael Krikorian is a production sound mixer. more »

Michael LaCroix

Michael LaCroix is a sound mixer and sound recordist. more »

Michael Lardie

Michael Lardie is multi-platinum and Grammy nominated American musician and producer, known for... more »

Michael Lee Taylor

Michael Lee Taylor is a film sound engineer. more »

Michael McCarty

Michael McCarty is a voice actor. more »

Michael Mcdonald

Michael McDonald is a sound engineer. more »

Michael Miller

Michael Miller is a film crewmember. more »

Michael Orlowski

Michael Orlowski is a sound re-recording mixer. more »

Michael Parker

Michael Parker is a film and television editor. more »

Michael R. Tromer

Michael R. Tromer is a production sound mixer. more »

Michael Semanick

Michael Semanick is a film crew member in the 2009 film Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. more »

Michael Sinterniklaas

Michael Tremain Sinterniklaas is an American actor, voice actor, ADR director and script writer... more »

Michael Steinore

Michael Steinore was an American sound engineer. He won an Academy Award for Best Special... more »

Michael Sterkin

Michael Sterkin is a sound technician. more »

Michael Sujek

Michael Sujek is a tv, film and video game sound mixer. more »

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