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Arild Stubhaug

Arild Stubhaug is a Norwegian mathematician, poet and biographer. He made his literary debut in... more »

Aristodimos Kaldis

Aristodimos Kaldis was an artist and left-wing activist in New York. It is impossible to think... more »

Arkadiusz Artemjew

Arkadiusz Artemjew is a film producer. more »

Arkadiusz Jakubik

Arkadiusz Jakubik is an actor. more »

Arlene Zallman

Arelene Zallman was an American composer and music educator. more »

Armand V. Feigenbaum

Armand Vallin Feigenbaum is an American quality control expert and businessman. He devised the... more »

Armando Gómez "Brandon"

Armando Gómez is a Latin Grammy winner record producer. more »

Armando Lichtenberger Jr.

Armando Liechtenberger Jr. is a member of Tejano musical band La Mafia, where he is the... more »

Armando Theodoro Hunziker

Armando Theodoro Hunziker was an Argentine botanist. He had specialized in the study of systems... more »

Armen Gilliam

Armon Louis Gilliam was an American professional basketball player who played 13 years in the... more »

Arnaldo Calveyra

Arnaldo Calveyra is an Argentinian poet, novelist and playwright, living in Paris since 1960. In... more »

Arnall Patz

Arnall Patz was an American medical doctor and research professor at Johns Hopkins University... more »

Arnaud Moral

Arnaud Moral is a record producer. more »

Arne Svingen

Arne Svingen is an author. more »

Arnljot Eggen

Arnljot Eggen was a Norwegian poet who also wrote plays and children's books. He was born in... more »

Arnold Aronson

Arnold Aronson was a founder of the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and served as its... more »

Arnold Cardillo

Arnold Cardillo is a record producer. more »

Arnold Dresden

Arnold Dresden was a Dutch-American mathematician in the first part of the twentieth century,... more »

Arnold E. Bare

Arnold E. Bare is an illustrator. more »

Arnold Eidslott

Arnold Olav Eidslott is a Norwegian poet. He was born in Ålesund, and worked as a telegraphic... more »

Arnold Franchetti

Arnold Franchetti was a composer born in Lucca, Italy who later emigrated to the USA. more »

Arnold Krupat

Arnold Krupat, Ph.D. is an American author and Professor of Literature at Sarah Lawrence College... more »

Arnold M. Auerbach

Arnold M. Auerbach was an American comedy writer, especially for radio, television and... more »

Arthur Allen Leff

Arthur Allen Leff was a professor of law at Yale Law School who is best known for a series of... more »

Arthur B. Chapman

Arthur Barclay Chapman was the University of Wisconsin–Madison's "most accomplished animal... more »

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