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Clay Armstrong

Clay Margarave Armstrong is an American physiologist and a former student of Dr. Andrew Fielding... more »

Clay Brown

Clay Brown is a film and television art director. more »

Clay Newbill

Clay Newbill is a television producer. more »

Cleber Redondo

Cleber Redondo is a film producer and television director. more »

Cliff Downs

Cliff Downs is a film score composer. more »

Cliff Jones

Cliff Jones is a dubbing mixer. more »

Cliff Reid

Cliff Reid was a film producer. more »

Cliff Robinson

Cliff Robinson is a film art director and film producer. more »

Clifford Ladd Prosser

Dr. Clifford Ladd Prosser was an American physiologist focused on research of comparative... more »

Clinton Smith

Clinton Smith is a sound technician and prosthetic consultant. more »

Clinton Wilder

Clinton Wilder was a theater producer. more »

Clive Bassett

Clive Bassett is a film crewmember. more »

Clive Winter

Clive Winter is a sound mixer. more »

Clyde Kaplan

Clyde Kaplan is a television director. more »

Coalo Zamorano

Coalo Zamorano is a recording engineer. more »

Cola Franzen

Cola Franzen is an American writer and translator. more »

Colin Charles

Colin Charles works in film and television in the sound department. more »

Colin Clews

Colin Clews is a winner in the 1964 British Academy Television Award for Best Entertainment... more »

Colin March

Colin March is a 1980 British Academy Television Craft Award nominee for Film Sound. more »

Colin May

Colin May is a wardrobe supervisor. more »

Colin Woods

Colin Woods is an assistant dialogue editor. more »

Colin Young

Colin Young appeared in How the Myth Was Made: A Study of Robert Flaherty's Man of Aran and The... more »

Colleen McDannell

Colleen McDannell is a 2000 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

Connie Hill

Connie Hill is a film producer. more »

Connie Walsh

Connie Walsh is a theater producer. more »

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