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Edward Troughton

Edward Troughton FRS was a British instrument maker who was notable for making telescopes and... more »

Edwin A. Roberts Jr.

Edwin A. Roberts Jr. is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

Edwin B. Astwood

Dr. Edwin Bennett Astwood was a Bermudian-American physiologist and endocrinologist, his... more »

Edwin Corle

Edwin Corle was an American writer. more »

Edwin Francis Schallert

Edwin Francis Schallert was a drama editor. more »

Edwin O'Donovan

Edwin O'Donovan was an American art director. He won an Academy Award in the category Best Art... more »

Edwin William Schultz

Edwin William Schultz was an American pathologist. He graduated from Winona College with a BS,... more »

Eeva Joenpelto

Eeva Joenpelto is an author. more »

Egil Kraggerud

Egil Kraggerud is a Norwegian philologist. He was born in Hemnes as a son of dentist John... more »

Egil Rasmussen

Egil Rasmussen was a Norwegian author, literature critic and musician. Born in Bossekop village,... more »

Eileen Blumenthal

Eileen Blumenthal is a 1988 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

Eileen Sullivan

Eileen Sullivan is a journalist. more »

Einar Skjæraasen

Einar Skjæraasen was a Norwegian author and poet, a longtime resident of Trysil. He was a... more »

Einar Økland

Einar Økland is a Norwegian lyricist, playwright, essayist and children's writer. He made his... more »

Ekkehard Wlaschiha

Ekkehard Wlaschiha is a German operatic baritone who specializes in Wagnerian villains of the... more »

El Langui

Juan Manuel Montilla, conocido artísticamente como El Langui parado, es un MC y actor de Pan... more »

Elaine Dee

Elaine Dee is the author of the book "Versailles: The View from Sweden." more »

Elaine Essex Thompson

Elaine Essex Thompson is a visual effects producer and coordinator. more »

Elaine Mayes

Elaine Mayes is an American photographer and a retired professor at New York University's Tisch... more »

Elaine Tyler May

Elaine Tyler May is a 2013 Guggenheim Fellowship winner for the Humanities. more »

Eldar Shafir

Eldar Shafir is an American psychologist, and the author of Scarcity: Why Having Too Little... more »

Eleanor Lindo

Eleanor Lindo is a film and television director. more »

Eleftheria Deko

Eleftheria Deko is a lighting technician. more »

Elena George

Elena George is a makeup artist. more »

Elena Ruiz

Elena Ruiz is a film and television editor. more »

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