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F. Gilman Spencer

F. Gilman Spencer is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

F. Mason Sones

F. Mason Sones, Jr. was an American physician whose pioneering work in cardiac catheterization... more »

Fábio Francisco

Fábio Francisco is a record producer. more »

Fabio Liberatori

Fabio Liberatori is a musician and film score composer. more »

Fabrice Giger

Fabrice A Giger is a book publisher and film & TV producer. The son of Swiss painter José Giger,... more »

Fabrice Préel-Cléach

Fabrice Préel-Cléach is a film producer. more »

Fabrizio Sforza

Fabrizio Sforza was a makeup artist. more »

Fae Hammond

Fae Hammond is a Make-Up Designer. more »

Faith Esham

Faith Esham is an American soprano and college professor of voice. more »

Fali Billimoria

Fali Billimoria was a film director. more »

Fali Sam Nariman

Fali Sam Nariman is a distinguished Indian Constitutional jurist and senior advocate to the... more »

Falk Harnack

Falk Harnack was a film director. more »

Fang Man

Fang Man 方满 is a Chinese-born composer who lives in the United States. Hailed as “inventive and... more »

Farciot Edouart

Farciot Edouart ASC was an Academy Award winning motion picture special effects artist and... more »


Farrah is a theater designer. more »

Farrel Allen

Farrel Allen is a television director and editor. more »

Fay Ajzenberg-Selove

Fay Ajzenberg-Selove was a German-American nuclear physicist. She was known for her experimental... more »

Faye Ginsburg

Faye Ginsburg is an American anthropologist, and David B. Kriser Professor of Anthropology at... more »

Faye Levy

Faye Levy is a 1994 JBF Awards winner for Fruits, Vegetables & Grains. more »

Federico Landeros

Federico Landeros is a film editor. more »

Federico Lopez

Federico Lopez is a Latin Grammy nominated audio engineer. more »

Fee Vaillant

Fee Vaillant was a Photographer and Artistic Director. more »

Felice Rolfe

Felice Rolfe is a science fiction fanzine editor. more »

Felicia Minei Behr

Felicia Minei Behr is an American TV producer and network executive who has worked on three... more »

Felicia Willson

Felicia Wilson is a writer. more »

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