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H. John Caulfield

H. John Caulfield was a well-known American physicist who specialized in holography and optical... more »

H. Richard Crane

Dr. Horace Richard Crane was an American physicist, the inventor of the Race Track Synchrotron,... more »

Haddon King

Haddon Rymer Forrester King, was an Australian geologist, winner of the Clarke Medal in... more »

Hajime Oikawa

Hajime Oikawa is a film art director. more »

Hal C. Kern

Hal C. Kern was a film editor. more »

Halina Marki

Halina Marki is a scenic artist. more »

Halldis Moren Vesaas

Halldis Moren Vesaas was a Norwegian poet, translator and writer of children's books. She... more »

Hallowell Davis

Hallowell Davis was an American physiologist and otolaryngologist and researcher who did... more »

Hallvard Rieber-Mohn

Hallvard Rieber-Mohn was a Norwegian writer and Dominican priest. He won the Riksmål Society... more »

Hamao Umezawa

Hamao Umezawa was a Japanese scientist who discovered several antimicrobial agents and enzyme... more »

Hamilton Bower

Major-General Sir Hamilton Bower KCB was a British Indian Army officer who wrote about his... more »

Hank Giardina

Hank Giardina is an ADG-nominated scenic artist. more »

Hank Klibanoff

Hank Klibanoff was the Managing Editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution until June 24, 2008... more »

Hank Nelson

Hyland Neil "Hank" Nelson AM was one of Australia's foremost historians of the Pacific,... more »

Hannah Price

Hannah Price is a scenic artist. more »

Hanne Ørstavik

Hanne Ørstavik is a Norwegian writer. She was born in Tana in Finnmark province in the far north... more »

Hanno Huth

Hanno Huth is a film producer. more »

Hannu Salama

Hannu Salama is a Finnish author. more »

Hans Bielenstein

Hans Bielenstein is a Swedish sinologist and Professor Emeritus from Columbia University... more »

Hans Børli

Hans Børli was a Norwegian poet and writer, who besides his writings worked as a lumberjack all... more »

Hans Clevers

Johannes Carolus Clevers is a professor in molecular genetics, a geneticist, physician, medical... more »

Hans Fränkel

Hans H. Fränkel, usually Anglicized to Hans Frankel, was a German-American sinologist noted for... more »

Hans Gatzke

Hans Wilhelm Gatzke was a historian of German foreign policy since World War I. Born in Dülken,... more »

Hans Henrik Holm

Hans Henrik Holm was a Norwegian poet and folklorist. He made his literary début in 1933 with... more »

Hans Herbjørnsrud

Hans Herbjørnsrud is a Norwegian author of short stories. His works frequently play with the... more »

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