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Mark Wasiutak

Mark J. Wasiutak is a boom operator. more »

Mark Whitlock

Mark Whitlock is a matte artist. more »

Mark Wilder

Mark Wilder is a mastering engineer. more »

Mark Wingate

Mark Wingate is a 2005 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

Mark Worthington

Mark Worthington is a film art director and production designer. more »

Marla Spivak

Marla Spivak is an American entomologist, and Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the... more »

Marleen Alhadeff

Marleen Alhadeff is a theatrical producer. more »

Marlene Aarons

Marlene Aarons is a makeup artist. more »

Marlene Laird

Marlene Laird is a television director. more »

Marlene Mason

Marlene Mason is a makeup artist. more »

Marlon Shirley

Marlon Shirley is a paralympic athlete from the United States competing mainly in category T44... more »


Marque is a hair stylist. more »

Marsha Ginsberg

Marsha Ginsberg is a set/costume designer. more »

Marshall Sonenshine

Marshall Sonenshine is a film producer. more »

Marta María Pérez Bravo

Marta María Pérez Bravo is a Cuban artist who is best known for her dream-based black-and-white... more »

Marta Minujín

Marta Minujín is an Argentine conceptual and performance artist. more »

Martha Ackmann

Martha Ackmann is a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow in Creative Arts. more »

Martha Constantine-Paton

Martha Constantine-Paton is a neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She... more »

Martha Johnston

Martha Johnston is an assistant film director. more »

Martha L. Ludwig

Martha Ludwig was an American macromolecular crystallographer. She was the J. Lawrence Oncley... more »

Martha P. Haynes

Martha Patricia Haynes is an American astronomer who specializes in radio astronomy and... more »

Marthand K. Venkatesh

Marthand K. Venkatesh is an Indian Film editor who mostly works for Tollywood. more »

Martin Asbury

Martin Asbury is a British comic and storyboard artist, best known for drawing the Garth strip... more »

Martin Barry

Martin Barry, MD, FRCPE, FRSE, FRS, was a British physician who studied histology and... more »

Martin Bircher

Martin Bircher is a 1971 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

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