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Robert Graham

Robert Graham is a German theoretical physicist. Graham attended the Karls-Gymnasium in... more »

Robert H. Livingston

Robert H. Livingston is a television and theater director. more »

Robert Hadley

Robert Hadley is a mastering engineer. more »

Robert Hanbury Brown

Robert Hanbury Brown, AC FRS was a British astronomer and physicist born in Aruvankadu, India... more »

Robert Hanna

Robert Hanna is a cinematographer. more »

Robert Herman

Robert Herman was a United States scientist, best known for his work with Ralph Alpher in... more »

Robert Hermann Schomburgk

Sir Robert Hermann Schomburgk was a German-born explorer for Great Britain who carried out... more »

Robert Hippolyte Chodat

Robert Hippolyte Chodat was a Swiss botanist and phycologist who was a professor and director of... more »

Robert Huebner

Robert Joseph Huebner, was an American physician and virologist whose research into viruses,... more »

Robert Hunt

Robert Alan Hunt, OBE, QPM was a senior British police officer. He served as Assistant... more »

Robert J. Friedrich

Robert J. Friedrich is a recording engineer. more »

Robert J. Gorlin

Robert J. Gorlin was born on January 11, 1923, in Hudson, New York and died on August 29, 2006... more »

Robert Jacobson

Robert Jacobson is President and CEO of iN Demand Networks. more »

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is the executive producer of the films Money Driven Medicine and Taxi to the Dark... more »

Robert K. Burns

Robert Kyle Burns was an American biologist known for his work on sexual differentiation in... more »

Robert Kline

Robert Kline was a nominee was a nominee for the 2013 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding... more »

Robert L. J. Ellery

Robert Lewis John Ellery CMG was an English-Australian astronomer and public servant; Victorian... more »

Robert L. Stevenson

Robert L. Stevenson is a hair stylist. more »

Robert Ladislav Parker

Robert L. Parker is an American geophysicist and mathematician currently holding a Professor... more »

Robert Lamacchia

Robert Lamacchia works in the film and television industry in the miscellaneous crew department. more »

Robert Lasch

Robert Lasch is a Pulitzer-prize winning writer. more »

Robert Lekachman

Robert Lekachman was an economist known for his extensive advocacy of state intervention, and... more »

Robert Lopez

Roberto Sabatino Lopez, also known as Robert S. Lopez, was an Jewish-Italian-American historian... more »

Robert M. Chanock

Robert Merritt Chanock was an American pediatrician and virologist who made major contributions... more »

Robert M. Johnson

Robert M. Johnson, former publisher of Newsday, is now better-known as one of the most prominent... more »

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