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Robert M. Jones

Robert M. Jones is an art director. more »

Robert M. Miura

Robert M. Miura is a Distinguished Professor of Mathematical Sciences and of Biomedical... more »

Robert M. Yost

Robert M. Yost was a philosopher at the University of California in Los Angeles. UCLA offers the... more »

Robert Moffat Palmer

Robert Moffat Palmer was an American composer, pianist and educator. He composed more than 90... more »

Robert N. Clayton

Robert N. Clayton is a 1964 Guggenheim Fellow in Natural Sciences. more »

Robert Noel Blair

Robert Noel Blair was an American painter and sculptor from the Western New York-Buffalo area. more »

Robert O'Hara Burke

Robert O'Hara Burke was an Irish soldier and police officer, who achieved fame as an Australian... more »

Robert O. Green

Robert O. Green is a film producer. more »

Robert P. Mills

Robert Park Mills was an American crime- and science fiction magazine editor and literary... more »

Robert Perkins

Robert Cyril Layton Perkins FRS was a distinguished British entomologist, ornithologist, and... more »

Robert Primrose

Robert Primrose is the husband of Marcy Walker. more »

Robert Q. Mathews

Robert Q. Mathews is a costume supervisor. more »

Robert Shafer

Robert Shafer is a 1926 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Robert Shapley

Robert Shapley is an American neurophysiologist,the Natalie Clews Spencer Professor of the... more »

Robert Sheppard

Robert Sheppard is a nominee of the 26th Gemini Award for Best Cross-Platform Project - Non-Fiction. more »

Robert Steinback

Robert Steinback is a TV editor. more »

Robert Swartz

Robert Swartz is a film editor. more »

Robert T Fraley

Robert T. Fraley is the executive vice-president and chief technology officer of Monsanto. more »

Robert T. Schimke

Robert T. Schimke is a 1975 Guggenheim Fellow in Natural Sciences. more »

Robert Taylor

Robert William Taylor, known as Bob Taylor, is an Internet pioneer, who led teams that made... more »

Robert Uffen

Robert James Uffen, OC, FRSC was a Canadian research geophysicist, professor, and university... more »

Robert Von Hallberg

Robert Von Hallberg is a 1987 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

Robert W. Mann

Robert W. Mann is a film producer and an actor. more »

Robert W. Parry

Robert W. Parry was a professor of chemistry at the University of Michigan and the University of... more »

Robert Warchol

Robert Warchol is sound effects editor. more »

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