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Rod Allan

Rod Allan is a film producer. more »

Rod Yamane

Rod Yamane is a lighting director. more »

Rodney H. Banks

Rodney H. Banks is an American industrial chemist and a research fellow at Nalco Holding Company... more »

Rodney McCray

Rodney Earl McCray is a retired American basketball player. A 6'7" small forward, he spent ten... more »

Rodolfo Abularach

Rodolfo Abularach is a Guatemalan painter and printmaker of Palestinian descent. His work... more »

Rodolfo Benítez

Rodolfo Benítez is a sound technician. more »

Rodolfo Cerrón Palomino

Rodolfo Cerrón Palomino is a Peruvian linguist who has crucially contributed to the... more »

Rodolfo Hinostroza

Rodolfo Hinostroza is a renowned Peruvian poet, writer, journalist, food critic and... more »

Rodrigo Castanho

Rodrigo Castanho is a record producer. more »

Rodrigo Cuevas

Rodrigo Cuevas is a recording engineer. more »

Rodrigo Duarte

Rodrigo Duarte is a Latin Grammy winner audio engineer. more »

Rodrigo Lopes

Rodrigo Lopes is a Latin Grammy winner audio engineer. more »

Rodrigo Vidal

Rodrigo Vidal is a Latin Grammy award winner audio engineer. more »

Roger Dorney

Roger Dorney is a film crewmember. more »

Roger Goeb

Roger Goeb was an American composer. more »

Roger Inman

Roger Inman is a television director. more »

Roger J-B Wets

Roger Jean-Baptiste Robert Wets is a "pioneer" in stochastic programming and a leader in... more »

Roger S. Bagnall

Roger Shaler Bagnall is an American classical scholar. He was a professor of classics and... more »

Rogério Vieira

Rogério Vieira is a Latin Grammy winning music producer. more »

Rohan Grover

Rohan Grover is an actor. more »

Rola Bauer

Rola Bauer is a film and television producer. more »

Roland W. Schmitt

Roland Walter Schmitt is a physicist, business executive and was the sixteenth president of... more »

Rolf Deyhle

Rolf Deyhle is a film producer. more »

Rolf Keden

Rolf Keden is a film art director. more »

Rolf Ling Bolin

Rolf Ling Bolin was an American academic and ichthyologist. Bolin was born on 22 March 1901 in... more »

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