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Y. Frank Freeman

Young Frank Freeman was an American film company executive for Paramount Pictures. Freeman... more »

Yahya Sinno

Yahya Sinno is a film producer. more »

Yamil Martínez

Yamil Martínez is a recording engineer. more »

Yang Lu

Yang Lu is a film director. more »

Yannick Kergoat

Yannick Kergoat is a film editor. He has edited such films as Indigènes, Gothika, Ni pour, ni... more »

Yasmil Marrufo

Yasmil Marrufo is a recording engineer. more »

Yassi Hahn

Yassi Hahn won the Miss Internet 2012 award and now works with the Miss Germany competition. more »

Yasunao Tone

Yasunao Tone is a Japanese artist who has worked with many different types of media throughout... more »

Yasuo Iwaki

Yasuo Iwaki is a film crew(lighting). more »

Yasushi Nagao

Yasushi Nagao was a Pulitzer Prize-winning press photographer. Nagao took a photograph of Otoya... more »

Ya´asib Vazquez Colmenares

Ya´asib Vazquez Colmenares is a film director. more »

Yee Kar Yeung

Yee Kar Yeung is a lyricist. more »

Yevgeny Pavlovsky

Yevgeny Nikanorovich Pavlovsky was a Soviet zoologist, entomologist, academician of the Academy... more »

Yin Cheng

Yin Cheng is the director of the film, Xi'an Incident. more »

Yinnan Ding

Yinnan Ding is a film director. more »

Ylli Hasani

Ylli Hasani is a film director. more »

Yngvar Hauge

Yngvar Hauge was a Norwegian novelist and non-fiction writer. Among his novels are Ulv av Launæs... more »

Yoad Nevo

Yoad Nevo is a London based producer/mixer known for his work with Jem, Pet Shop Boys, Bryan... more »

Yolanda Retter

Yolanda Retter is a writer. more »

Yongxi Chen

Yongxi Chen is a scenic artist. more »

Yoram Moses

Yoram Moses is a Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at the Technion - Israel... more »

Yoshiaki Koizumi

Yoshiaki Koizumi is a Japanese video game designer, director and producer. He graduated from... more »

Yoshikazu Sano

Yoshikazu Sano is a film art director. more »

Yoshiko Chuma

Yoshiko Chuma is a dancer, a choreographer and the director of the Bessie Award winning... more »

Yoshinori Ohta

Yoshinori Ohta is a film editor. more »

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