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Z. W. Birnbaum

Zygmunt Wilhelm Birnbaum was a Polish-American mathematician and statistician who contributed to... more »

Zach Lyall

Zach Lyall was a nominee for the 2013 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Promotional... more »

Zachary Mortensen

Zachary Mortensen is an American producer. more »

Zane Birdwell

Zane Birdwell is an American Grammy award-winning recording engineer, sound designer, and... more »

Zane D. Bruce

Zane D. Bruce is a foley artist. more »

Zane Weiner

Zane Weiner is a film producer. more »

Zen Rosenthal

Zen Rosenthal is a film editor. more »

Zeynep Ozbatur

Zeynep Ozbatur is a film producer. more »

Zhang Qiwang

Zhang Qiwang is a film art director. more »

Zhang Wei-Qiang

Zhang Wei-Qiang is an actor. more »

Zhao Lirong

Zhao Lirong is a Chinese film actress. more »

Zhou Ying

Zhou Ying is a film editor. more »

Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Ziba Mir-Hosseini is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

Zibby Oneal

Zibby Oneal is a writer. more »

Zinken Hopp

Zinken Hopp, born Signe Marie Brochmann, was a Norwegian author, nonsense poet and playwright ... more »

Zoe Porter

Zoe Porter is a costume supervisor/assistant costume designer. more »

Zoe Whittall

Zoe Whittall is a Canadian poet and novelist. She has published three novels and three poetry... more »

Zoila S. Mendoza

Zoila S. Mendoza is a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship winner for the Humanities. more »

Zoltán Füredi

Zoltán Füredi is a Hungarian mathematician, working in combinatorics, mainly in discrete... more »

Zong Minxuan

Zong Minxuan is a film art director. more »

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