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Ida Rubinstein

Ida Lvovna Rubinstein was a Russian actress, dancer, patron and Belle Époque figure. more »

Ildikó Pongor

Ildikó Pongor is a dancer. more »

Ingrid Boulting

Ingrid Boulting was born in Transvaal in 1947 – daughter of English film-maker Roy Boulting and... more »

Inna Zubkovskaya

Inna Zubkovskaya was a Russian ballerina. She was trained at the Bolshoi School and graduated in... more »

Iohna Loots

Iohna Loots is an actress. more »

Iola Tornagi

Iola Tornagi was a ballet dancer. more »

Irek Mukhamedov

Irek Mukhamedov OBE is a Soviet-born ballet dancer of Tatar origin who has danced with the... more »

Irina Baronova

Irina Mikhailovna Baronova FRAD was a Russian ballerina who was one of the Baby Ballerinas of... more »

Irina Brecher

Irina Brecher is a ballet dancer. more »

Irina Dvorovenko

Irina Dvorovenko is a former principal ballet dancer with the American Ballet Theatre in New York. more »

Irina Guvanova

Irina Gubanova was an actress. more »

Irina Irvine

Irina Irvine is an actress. more »

Irina Kandat

Irina Kandat is a ballerina. more »

Irina Kebadze

Irina Kebadze is the wife of Vakhtang Kikabidze. more »

Iris Hensley

Iris Hensley founded The Georgia Ballet in 1960 and served as the Artistic Director until her... more »

Irlan Santos da Silva

Irlan Santos da Silva is a ballet dancer. more »

Isabela Coracy Alves Nascimento Santos

Isabela Coracy is a ballet dancer. more »

Isabella Boylston

Isabella Boylston is an American ballet dancer who currently performs as a soloist with the... more »

Isabelle Ciaravola

Isabelle Ciaravola is a ballet dancer and an actress. more »

Ivan Nagy

Ivan Nagy was a Hungarian ballet dancer. He became one of American Ballet Theater's most popular... more »

Ivan Putrov

Ivan Putrov is a Ukrainian-born ballet dancer and producer. Ivan trained at The Kyiv State... more »

Ivan Vasiliev

Ivan Vasiliev is a Russian ballet dancer performing since 2012 as a principal dancer with the... more »

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