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Chia-Tung Lee

Chia-Tung Lee is a researcher, writer, and university professor. more »

Chris A. Cole

Co-designer, with Stephen Wolfram, of the Symbolic Manipulation Program, the forerunner to... more »

Chris Lattner

Chris Lattner is an American software developer, best known as the primary author of the LLVM... more »

Chris Wallace

Professor Christopher Stewart Wallace was an Australian computer scientist notable for having... more »

Chris Welty

Christoper A. Welty, an American computer scientist, is a Research Scientist at IBM Thomas J... more »

Chrisanthi Avgerou

Chrisanthi Avgerou is a Greek-born British scholar in the field of the Social Study of... more »

Christof Ebert

Christof Ebert is a German computer scientist and entrepreneur, working in the field of systems... more »

Christof Teuscher

Christof Teuscher, PhD, is an author and editor who works at the Los Alamos National... more »

Christoph Meinel

Christoph Meinel is a German scientist and university professor of computer sciences. He is... more »

Christopher Bishop

Christopher Michael Bishop FREng, FRSE, is a Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research Ltd... more »

Christopher Blizzard

Christopher Blizzard is a Developer Relations lead at Facebook. Formerly, he's worked as an Open... more »

Christopher Langton

Christopher Langton is an American computer scientist and one of the founders of the field of... more »

Christopher Riche Evans

Christopher Riche Evans was a British psychologist, computer scientist, and author. more »

Christopher Strachey

Christopher S. Strachey was a British computer scientist. He was one of the founders of... more »

Christopher Uriarte

Christopher Uriarte is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur employed by the... more »

Christopher W. Johnson

Christopher W. Johnson is a British computer scientist and Professor of Computing Science at the... more »

Christos Papadimitriou

Christos Harilaos Papadimitriou is a Greek engineer, computer scientist and Professor in the... more »

Chu Bong-Foo

Chu Bong-Foo is the inventor of the Cangjie input method, the most widely available Chinese... more »

Chung Laung Liu

Professor Chung Laung Liu, or C. L. Liu is an ethnic Chinese computer scientist. Born in... more »

Clarence Ellis

Clarence "Skip" Ellis is an American computer scientist, a professor of computer science at the... more »

Clarence L. "Ben" Coates

Clarence L. “Ben” Coates was an American computer scientist and engineer known for his work on... more »

Claude Crépeau

Dr. Claude Crépeau is a professor in the School of Computer Science at McGill University. Ηe was... more »

Claude Shannon

Claude Elwood Shannon was an American mathematician, electronic engineer, and cryptographer... more »

Cliff Jones

Clifford "Cliff" B. Jones is a British computer scientist, specializing in research into formal... more »

Clifford Berry

Clifford Edward Berry helped John Vincent Atanasoff create the first digital electronic computer... more »

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