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L Peter Deutsch

L Peter Deutsch or Peter Deutsch is the founder of Aladdin Enterprises and creator of... more »

Lambert Meertens

Lambert Guillaume Louis Théodore Meertens is a Dutch computer scientist and professor. While... more »

Landon Curt Noll

Landon Curt Noll is an American computer scientist, co-discoverer of the 25th Mersenne prime and... more »

Larry L. Peterson

Prof. Larry L. Peterson is a noted American computer scientist at Princeton University, in... more »

Larry Page

Larry Page was Google's founding CEO and grew the company to more than 200 employees and... more »

Larry Stockmeyer

Larry Joseph Stockmeyer was an American computer scientist. He was one of the pioneers in the... more »

Larry Wall

Larry Wall is a computer programmer and author, most widely known as the creator of the Perl... more »

László Bélády

László "Les" Bélády is a Hungarian computer scientist notable for devising the Bélády's Min... more »

Lawrence J. Fogel

Dr. Lawrence J. Fogel was a pioneer in evolutionary computation and human factors analysis. He... more »

Lawrence L. Larmore

Lawrence L. Larmore, PhD, is an American mathematician and theoretical computer scientist,... more »

Lawrence Paulson

Lawrence Charles Paulson is a professor at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and a... more »

Lawrie Brown

Lawrence Peter "Lawrie" Brown is a cryptographer and computer security researcher, currently a... more »

Lee E. McMahon

Lee E. McMahon was an American computer scientist. He was a graduate of St. Louis University and... more »

Lee Felsenstein

Lee Felsenstein is an American computer engineer who played a central role in the development of... more »

Lee Giles

Clyde Lee Giles is an American computer scientist and the David Reese Professor at the College... more »

Lennart Johnsson

Lennart Johnsson is a Swedish computer scientist and engineer. Johnsson started his career at... more »

Lenore Blum

Lenore Blum is a distinguished professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. more »

Leo Irakliotis

Leo Irakliotis is a computer engineer. His early work was on optical information processing... more »

Leon Sterling

Professor Leon Sterling is Pro Vice-Chancellor at Swinburne University of Technology in... more »

Leonard Adleman

Leonard Max Adleman is an American theoretical computer scientist and professor of computer... more »

Leonard Kleinrock

Leonard Kleinrock is an American engineer and computer scientist. A computer science professor... more »

Leonard Uhr

Leonard Uhr was an American computer scientist and a pioneer in computer vision, pattern... more »

Leonid Khachiyan

Leonid Genrikhovich Khachiyan was a Soviet mathematician of Armenian descent who taught Computer... more »

Leonid Levin

Leonid Anatolievich Levin is a Soviet-American computer scientist. more »

Les Earnest

Lester Donald Earnest is a United States computer scientist. He began his career as a computer... more »

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